50 Ways to Advertise your Online Tutoring Business Under $50


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Do you want to stand out from the crowd with your online tutoring business?  Most people that I talk with about their tutoring business tell me that they put their information on one site and they are upset that people are not contacting them about tutoring online.  In fact, many of these people within a couple of months give up their dream of tutoring online, because they don’t know how to get new clients.

Well, I am here to help you.  I know you are on a budget.  I was too when I first started out.   I am here to tell you that it can be done.  It does take effort, but if you put in consistent time and energy to attracting new clients on a daily basis, then you too will have a flourishing business and you will never have to rely on getting a typical J-O-B again.

Online Advertising for Online Tutoring Business

1.  Get a website.

2.  Start a blog

3.  Create a facebook page

4.  Write a book – Here is an example.  31 Days to Become a Better Reader

5.  Start a Hangout on Google +

6.  Send an e-mail to your friends and family about your business and ask them to send it to 5 people that they think could use your services.

7.  Create Youtube videos

8. Start using Aweber and collect e-mail addresses from people that visit your site

9.  Place free ads on Craigslist

10. Learn search engine optimization and put rich keywords into all of your content online.

11. E-mail a weekly newsletter to people who opt in.

12. Article marketing

13. Comment on other people’s blogs

14. Start a podcast series

15. Guest blogging

16. Send out press releases

17. Join target market groups on Linked-In, Facebook, Google + and participate frequently

18. Get your website listed in Google places

19. Collect testimonials from your current clients on LinkedIn to use with all of your marketing

20. Become a member of HARO and give quotes for newspapers. http://www.helpareporter.com/

21. Collect video testimonials

22. Completely fill out your LinkedIn Profile page

23. Create joint venture relationships with other online tutors.24.  Help other people out with their businesses, people like to return favors (but don’t expect them to)

25. Create an e-mail signature with your website.

26. Come up with a blogging plan to promote people reading your blog posts.

27. Do a rafflecopter giveaway.

28. Get listed in tutoring directories.


Offline Advertising for Online Tutoring Business

29. Word of Mouth – Tell all of your friends and family.

30. Put advertising on your car

31. Call local schools – and try to get on their list of approved tutors

32. Join Networking groups

33. Take care of your current clients – Referrals are your biggest source of new clients.

34. Offer a free assessment and session

35. Hang up some signs.

36. Create flyers to put in Starbucks and laundry mats

37. Ask current clients to spread the word about what you do (Most of the time you don’t even have to ask, they love spreading the word about a great tutor)

38. Get business cards and hand them out to interested people

39. Restaurant placemats

40. Run a friends and family promotion

41. Create a brochure

42. Get a table at a community based event

43. Tell your neighbors

44. Create coupons for silent auctions.

45. Send Christmas cards to current and past clients

46. Hold a customer appreciation party and ask your clients to bring friends.

47. Listen- you will hear others talking about needing services your provide.  Then find out more information to determine if they are a right fit and tell them what you do.

48. Make yourself available for speaking engagements.

49. Put a coupon on the back of your business card

50. Get involved in Social Events

If you found this helpful and want more helpful tips, then register for my free webinar called 3 Secrets to Getting Online Tutoring Students to stand out from the rest of the online tutors out there and get your business booming. I am here to support you every step of the way.


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  1. You can promote a post or place a very, very targeted ad on facebook.

    The more targeted the better.

    Have something to sell and set a low budget until you make enough money to pay for it everyday and more.

    As you make more money, you can increase your ads which will then make you more money and you increase your ads again.

    I start with $50 and then use half of the money earned everyday over $50.


    Kathy Hadley recently posted…Start A New Life – 31 Days of TransformationMy Profile

    • This is very sound advice. I haven’t had much luck in creating an ad that was successful yet. Would you gear it towards your freebie, website, or a specific call to action?

  2. Great article!!! Wanted to add one more way: buy a custom-designed shirt with the name of your business on the front and back. Walk around with it whenever you’re outside and especially when you go to parties.

  3. Also, I thought the body language tip in this video is a great way to instantly boost up your confidence whenever anyone asks you about your tutoring business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks-_Mh1QhMc The video uses a psychology experiment to prove that standing with your feet apart and arms on your hips will instantly send chemicals to your brain to improve your confidence. So strike that pose the instant anyone asks if you’re an online tutor.

    • What a great point. Our body language can speak volumes and people will know instantly based off of your body language whether they want to work with you or not.

    • I agree. I also send out Christmas cards to my students. It usually is a picture of my entire family so that they can know what they look like as well. In turn it is really fun being able to get Christmas cards from my clients and see them with their brothers, sisters, pets, and family. It just adds to the whole bonding experience. Thanks for the reminder.

    • These are just a few things that I have tried. I love being able to help people think out of the box and grow their business, even if their not an online tutor.

  4. Wow, Joanne. What a red-hot, long list of ideas! You are not only an expert, but geneous, as well.

    Do you suggest your clients create a signature program that sets them apart in some way? Seems you give them plenty of encouragement and direction they could do that to really stand out!

    Great job, enjoyed the read.


    • I definitely suggest that people become laser clear and focused on what they want to teach and use that in their marketing. Thanks, I appreciate the kudos.

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