Review of What the Plus! Google + for the Rest of Us


As an online reading tutor, one of my personal passions is reading books.  I love reading more about how to advertise my business online and really get involved in social media.  I didn’t jump on the Google + bandwagon at first because I didn’t even quite understand Twitter.  I have always been active on Facebook, but you can only connect with people that you know.  So, I tried to get into Twitter because it allows one to open up their social realm, but I am not really a 140 character girl.  I may work it one day, but the number one social media mogul being talked about today is Google +.

So instead of not utilizing it to it’s full potential I decided to get the book What the Plus! Google + for the Rest of Us by Guy Kawasaki.  I figured if there was going to be something that I could learn about this social media tool, it would be from him.  The first thing that I did before reading this book was check the copyright date because social media information changes very quickly.  So when I saw 2012 I thought, ok, this should be current content.  I was a little disappointed after reading the book to learn that some of the tips and tools he shares are no longer relevant.  That is to be expected with this kind of content, but it can still be frustrating.  google-76685_640

This book did motivate me to get my feet wet and begin utilizing this amazing tool.  From this book I learned about Hangouts and Air.  I would have to say, that it has even motivated me to try using Google hangout to tutor kids in reading.  I have always used Skype because it has worked so well for me for the past three years and other tools have not had the easy capacity to do a share screen.  Google has made hangouts free just like Skype, so this is pivotal in the online tutoring business.

If you have used these features in your business I would love to hear about them.  I have heard that the hangout can be recorded and delivered right to Youtube, so that it does not slow down your own computer like other programs have done with Skype.

The chart that Kawasaki has on page 11 is awesome if you are just getting started with Google +.   It goes over the Google’s terminology and compares it to Facebook and Twitter.  This was a fantastic way to take the confusion out of this social media tool.  For example, on Google + when you +1 something it is the same as liking or favoriting on Facebook and Twitter.  When you circle someone you can follow their feed, but they may not necessarily follow your feed back, which is similar to Twitter.  On Facebook it is called friending, but both parties must agree and Facebook is pretty strict about only friending people that you know.

As with any social media tool you choose to engage with you need to fill out your profile completely.  Is this a must?  No, but it is highly suggested if you want to gain a following and if you are teaching online you want to it to be really easy for people to find out lots of information about you.  This makes them feel safer about hiring you as a tutor for their child.  Guy goes over all the aspects that you want to take into consideration when you are creating your profile.  However, you don’t need to read his book to do this, it is pretty self-explanitory.

One of the things that was confusing in this book was information about social search in your regular search feed.  I haven’t been able to find this, so I am thinking that it is one of those outdated topics.  My friends from the UBC please feel free to chime in and help me with this if I am wrong.  I love being able to learn with a community of people.

My overall score of this book on a 5 star scale is a 2.5.  I am grateful to Guy for writing it and motivating me to dive into this new community.  I am loving it.  There is even a UBC group in there as well.

Have you read this book?  What are your thoughts?

If you haven’t and you have used Google +, what are your thoughts about this social media tool?

I would love to have a UBC hangout on Monday October 7th at noon Central time.  If you are interested in joining, let me know and I will add you to the discussion.  It would be great to connect with others in a different capacity and learn more about each others blogs.

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  1. Okay…this is so amazing, because as I am in the UBC this month, I went to give a comment on a blog. Problem…I didn’t have the updated Google to submit my information then I saw the +. This blog post is so on-time. I am just like you about FB and Twitter. I dibble and dabble while using it. However, you have really helped me understand the Google + purpose. I wish you well on your online discussion as I will not be able to participate Agh..!!! Thank you so much for sharing your personal story and the pertinent information needed for a Google + novice. Must try the book!
    Jewel Williams recently posted…City LightsMy Profile

  2. Hey Joanne,
    I just got started with Google +, because of UBC. It seems confusing to me so taking my time G+. I am open to try the hang out , however won’t be able to do it on Monday. I am interested for the future, keep me in the loop. Thanks

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