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If you have been following this blog, then you may wonder how becoming an online tutor has anything to do with organizing your home.  Well, it has everything to do with it.  See, most online tutors are working directly out of their home, so keeping our houses clean is pivotal to our business.

Today I saw speaker Marcia Ramsland speak at my church and her life purpose is to teach people how to simplify your life.  “One of the things she said was that if you don’t take care of your daily clutter, then you will have accumulated clutter.”  So, let’s move this into our business.  If we have accumulated clutter all over our house or in our home office, then how can we be completely focused on our business stress free.  We can’t.  All of the things that we have to do around our house keep going through our mind.  She also said, “It’s not the things we do that make us tired, it is the things left undone that wear us out.”

This is why having simple systems in your life is so pivotal to your business.  Some of the key take aways I left with for organizing my home were as follows.

1.  Keep flat surfaces clear.  Imagine taking your hand and being able to go to a flat surface and sweep your hand over it without anything falling to the ground.  How would this make you feel in your space?  For me, it would be exhilarating.


2.  Take 15 minutes a day to organize your paperwork.  She uses 3 questions to determine what to do with mail and paperwork.  They are

a.  Do you like it?

b.  Do you use it?

c.  Where does it go?

3.  When cleaning the counter start from the right and move towards the sink and then start from the left and move towards the sink.  Put everything away.  Nothing gets left on the counter.  This would make my husband so happy because he absolutely hates that feeling of clutter on the counter.

4.  Come up with 14 meals that your family likes.  Then when they ask what is for dinner, you can go to one of these staples.  Most people have 3 or 4 meals that they eat over and over.  This is so true with my family.  I had my kids tell me what they love to eat.  I hope this can help with the, “I don’t like that” syndrome.

5.  Her laundry philosophy is wash, fold, dry, and put away all on the same day.  We tend to have all of the washed clothes waiting around our house with everyone always complaining about not putting it away.  Her great tip of advice for this is to let everyone know that dinner will not be served until all of the laundry is put away.  I told my kids that today and they said that won’t be happening, so this is going to be a little bit of a struggle to enforce, but I am going to put into action for 2 weeks.

6.  Organize one space at a time, one shelf at a time.  This is similar to the Fly Lady philosophy.  Little actions that are taken daily will end up with big results.

7.  You always have time to do what you do first.  If there is something that keeps getting skipped in your day and it is important to you, then put it on your list of things to do first.

8.  You will accomplish more in less time if you keep your desk clean.  Hmmm… this is totally an area I need to work on.  I tend to have piles and sometimes those piles grow.  (People who know me are probably thinking that is an understatement, lol)

After I left this conference I left thinking, wow I really have a lot of good systems, I just need to be more diligent at using them effectively.  Marcia gave me some great ways to make my home more conducive for running my business.  I know that when things are where they are supposed to be and clutter free that my mind can focus on the aspects of my business more efficiently and everyone in my house is much more happier.  I am excited to start putting these take aways into action.

I have two questions for you.

1.  What is an area of your life that needs to be more organized?

2.  What is your best organized tip you can share with others?

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  1. Wow, you have such great ideas. I need to use these when I start rearranging and organizing. IT is time for that fall clean out. Not quite time to switch out the clothes yet, but it will be soon. Thank you so much for the very informative post. I will be bookmarking it to read when I am ready to reorganize and sort out things. recently posted…October-Breast Cancer Awareness MonthMy Profile

  2. Great tips! I love clean spaces, especially benches! I have spaces that are always uncluttered but if you open my bathroom cupboard you’d think you were in the wrong house, for some reason I procrastinate here, its just completely unorganised and everything is a mess! I will use these tips to get moving on it
    Annie Johnstone recently posted…Saltwater by ChicaneMy Profile

  3. Sometimes when things get crazy around here and things pile up on my desk, I can’t work on it anymore and I find another space that’s organized and clean to finish my work. You are absolutely right! I do accomplish more when my environment is clean, organized, and uncluttered. Thank you for the helpful hints.
    Amina recently posted…Your Body Screams: HELP!!My Profile

  4. Switching the default “download” folder in my Chrome browser (works well with Firefox & Safari) to a folder that automatically syncs with cloud storage has been a huge help. It means I always have files regardless of which device I’m working on. And, I can easily reorganize them into their proper folder after. So much better than having them on the desktop of my computer, like I used to do. Digital clutter and home clutter create the same kind of discontent for me, I think.
    Loralee Hutton recently posted…Scatter BrainedMy Profile

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