21 Reasons to be Organized


In the business world it is all about the bottom line.  I can easily talk myself out of paying attention to the organization around my house, my office, and my computer because it doesn’t affect the bottom line.  Or does it?  Let’s take a look at 21 bottom line reasons why we should stay organized.

-organized home

1.  When you are clutter free you are more stress free.

2.  When things are put away it feels good.

3.  Your life runs smoother when everything is organized.

4.  You can get to places quicker because you can find everything you need when you need it.

5.  You never have to worry about how clean your house is when someone suddenly drops on by.

6.  It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

7.  It is safer.

8.  It gives you the space to do the things you need to do.

9.  You have more time to relax.

10.  Saves money.  If you can find something right away, then you don’t have to worry about buying it again.

11.  Clutter can give that feeling of being stuck.  By de-cluttering you actually allow movement and creativity to be present in your life.

12.  You get inspired to take action.  The more you focus on getting organized, the easier you realize it is, and the more action you take.

13.  A clean home is aesthetically pleasing.

14.  It deters pest infestations.

15.  Promotes good health and hygiene.

16.  Allows you to work more efficiently.

17.  Boost your mood.  Getting rid of stuff gives you positive energy.

18.  Your can sell your house for more money.

19.  You can improve your friendships.

20.  You can save money on food.  If you don’t know what to eat you are more tempted to go out to eat.

21.  You can find money.  All the change you find when you clean up can add up to a coffee at Starbucks.


What are some reasons that you can add to be organized?


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