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Over the last couple of days we have been focusing on organization.  As an online tutor you work out of your home, so home organization is extremely important.  If your home is not organized, then it will add stress levels to you being able to accomplish tasks in your business that you want to accomplish.  You will be distracted by all of the other things you need to get done and your business may not be a priority.

Next we took a look at reasons to be motivated.  Some of us have that A type personality, but many of us do not.  So, a little motivation is needed for many of us.  One of my readers had even added an additional reason to be motivated.  Her reason was that if you turn a fan on, then you don’t have to worry about all of your papers getting scattered all over the place.  I love it.

Today we are going to focus on our office and how we get it organized in a manner that is conducive to running an online tutoring company.  If you happened to read the post about organizing your home, then you may remember one thing is to keep all flat spaces empty.  This means that you don’t leave folders and to do lists all over the place on your desk.

How exactly do we organize our office?  Here are some great tips.

1.  Use a label maker.  I am currently waiting for mine to come from Amazon.  Instead of writing by hand you use the label maker to write your students names on their files.  I love this idea because there are times when I leave my file drawer open and this will just make it all look a little bit neater.


2.  Never stack in piles.  If you do, then stair step your stack so that you know exactly what is there and nothing is hidden from view.

3. Before you are done for the day, make sure everything gets put back in it’s home.

4.  Make sure items that you use frequently are within arms length.

5.  If you do not use an item frequently, then you can place it 2 arms lengths or more from your desk area.

6.  Make sure to have these 4 basic types of folders.  Too many folders mean you are less likely to remember where things are.

a. Receipts – Keep all business expenses for you taxes in here.  Always put the newest receipt in the back so they are organized chronologically.

b.  Donations – You can write off all donations at the end of the year, so keep all donation information in one folder.

c.  Work in progress – Instead of keeping all of the work that you are working on spread out all over your desk, keep a works in progress folder that you can take out when you have time to work on it.  If you are afraid that you may forget about what work you are working on, then right down your current projects on an index card and only leave that on your desk.

d.  Students – Create a folder for each of your students.  On current student folders I staple their information sheet on the left hand side, the assessment on the right hand side, and I place a notebook in the middle to take daily instructional notes.

7.  De-clutter any tools or files that do not serve your tutoring business today.

8.  Create an archives box.  Between 2 and 4 times a year, go through all of your student files and any students you are no longer working with take their file and place it in the archives box.  If they become a client again, then all you need to do is grab that information.  If they ever need you to access the information, then you can easily access it.

9.  Straighten up your desk at the end of the day.  You will feel so much more ready to work when you come to your desk the next morning.

I hope these ideas help you when it comes to organizing your office.  It is much less stress free to come into organization than it is to come in contact with disorganization.  What are some organizational techniques that you have in place in your office?

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    • I agree. And then you become overwhelmed. From there you begin to avoid, which leaves you in a permanent state of overwhelmed.

  1. Loads of helpful tips in this post to help with getting organised while at work. I find that if I dont have a place for everything and everything in it’s place, then I procrastinate and my productivity decreases so your advice to straighten the desk at the end of the day is a good one! Thank you.
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