I’m So Mad I Could Scream: Frustrating Moments that are Now Funny In Running My Own Online Business


So, I am not one to complain, I am usually really a positive person.  However, I think it is important to know that at times I just want to scream and jump out of my skin.  Usually it is because there is a learning curve I am against and other times it is because people are annoying me.  Here are some things in my business that have mad me want to scream.




  1.  Wordpress broke, again
  2. Website Disappeared, huh, how does it just disappear into thin air?
  3. Paypal Password needed to be changed again and I can’t remember the darn password
  4. For security reasons paypal put a hold on my account
  5. I can hear the Saxophone player making the same note over and over and over again upstairs.
  6. Darn it, I forgot to make dinner for the family again.
  7. Since starting my own business I think my e-mail box has had babies faster than fruit flies.
  8. New acronyms to learn PPC and CPM
  9. Why do telemarketers have to call right when I am focused on doing something important like taking a nap?
  10. Which plug do I have to unplug to get the internet working again?
  11. I used to enjoy summer vacation, now I can’t wait for my kids to go back to school.  LOL
  12. What do you mean you have a day off, don’t those teachers know I am trying to run a business?
  13. I forgot to take the time zone thing into consideration again and missed the changed appointment.  Seriously?
  14. Where is the tech guy?
  15. I didn’t really mean to hit delete, is there a way to get that back?
  16. How many updates are really needed in order for my computer to run efficiently?
  17. Where are the scissors and the stapler?  No matter how many times I tell the family my office supplies are off limits, they seem to disappear into thin are.
  18. Is anyone actually reading my blog?

What are some of the most frustrating things that have happened to you in running your business?

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  1. Hello there.

    I really relate to your post. Yes the teacher’s keep the kids home when you have things to do!!!

    There seems to be a cloud in the sky that swallows up those missing documents that you are so sure you have saved.

    Well done to this post.

    thank you

    Lisa :-)
    Lisa recently posted…Blogging and DisabilitiesMy Profile

  2. I am reading your now.
    _hit happens.
    I have an admin for my site. Yes, some sites can disappear if you are using a free site.
    I moved 3 months. Gee, I had neighbors before I moved who dropped by all the time. Neither my adult son nor I could get them to understand we were working, not paying games.
    Some people use their voice mail to screen calls.
    I use an address book for my passwords. I only put then in code with letters missing so some one can’t hack it.
    When we have so much to juggle it is challenge whether you work out side of home or in the home. I end up staying up late. that is my most productive time, anyway.
    No Non-cents Nanna Malika Bourne recently posted…Thoughts About Mental Health AwarenessMy Profile

    • I use lastpass.com for my passwords.
      I turn on my phone now if I want to take a nap so that no one can interrupt.
      All the little things I needed to learn so that I could function running a business from home. LOL I knew people who work from home would totally be able to relate to all these little annoyances. Life isn’t always perfect working from home, but it sure is better than driving into work every day.

  3. I can so relate. At my house, “Where’s the tech guy?” is exactly equal to “where’s my dearest husband?” I’m so lucky to have him, and yet it’s so frustrating sometimes to have to wait for him to get home from his regular work so that I can put him to work as my tech guy. :)
    Theresa recently posted…Poem about Alzheimer’sMy Profile

    • I do the exact same thing. And….he always does it for me, even when he would rather be doing something else. Thank God for our husbands.

  4. hahaha great list. The other thing that is annoying yet funny is looking at my email app on my ipad. Due to all my niche sites, I have about 20 email accounts that forms this giant long list in my preview pane. My husband thinks it’s nuts.

  5. I HAD to click when I saw that baby because sometimes I feel JUST as frustrated and it made me feel ok :) Then I read through your post and I could not stop laughing. I’m not a mom yet but I used to be a teacher and can definitely relate to a lot of your comments from that experience if not from my experience as a business owner. Currently, I’m trying to take my fitness business online and it is a whole new world that I wish I had my high school students to help me navigate! It is comforting to know I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing and providing some laughs :)
    Catherine recently posted…What’s for Dinner? WednesdayMy Profile

  6. Too funny. I have NO patience for technology issues either. This is the second UBC Challenge in a row for me where I lost internet service because of a provider error. Had to drop out of the last one because I was without for almost 10 days (and living in the country where I couldn’t run to a local coffee house or library). Those kind of surprises (and excuses) I could live without. Hope tomorrow brings a less frustrating day for you, Joanne.
    Nanette Levin recently posted…Think you’re crazy with your small business marketing strategy?My Profile

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