Organizing Your Time


We could all use a few more hours in the day couldn’t we?  The number one reason people complain about not being able to get things done is that they don’t have enough time or hours in the day.

But what if the problem wasn’t about the hours in the day, but how we were actually spending our hours in a day.  I know, that one really touched a nerve, right?  Sorry, but that is reality.


I have started using a tool I had always been using in a totally new way.  Don’t you love that?  It is my google calendar.  Here are all of the things that I love about my Google Calendar.

1.  I can put all of my tutoring appointments on the calendar and my family knows when I am officially working and not available to be stolen for other activities.

2.  I can invite people to certain events and communicate better with people.  (Although I don’t suggest you send invites to your tutoring clients because many of them don’t use google calendar and they become very confused with what you are sending them.  I learned this one the hard way.)

3.  I can add events to my calendar with a click of a button.

4.  I can access my calendar on my phone, computer, and iPad.

5.  I can share my calendar with whoever I want.

6.  I can color coordinate certain types of events with different colors.

Just recently though, I have discovered a completely new way to use my google calendar.  I can use it to organize my time.  See I have one life.  As much as I may compartmentalize it into family, work and pleasure, there is so much more potential with this tool.

So here is my brand new, super way cool secret that I am only sharing with you because on top of valuing my time, I value your time as well.  In the google calendar you can create another calendar that will show up on your main calendar.  Call this calendar your To Do List.  Don’t get this confused with the actual to do list function on your calendar.  I am talking about actually creating a calendar called To Do List.

Many people utilize the to do list, but how many people actually complete everything in their to do list. I am suggesting that once you have created your to do list that now you decide where on your calendar you are going to fit it in.  Will you accomplish that task at 9:00 or 3:00?  Can you group some of your To Do List items together and accomplish them in one block of time?  Do you have specific activities like grocery shopping or advertising your blog that have to get done every single week?  Well, find a time on your calendar that works for you and walla you have just found a way to manage your time better than you ever have before.

Seriously, isn’t this cool!!!  How many more things on your to do list do you think that you can accomplish with this tool?  For me it was life changing.  It changed the amount of time that I allowed random activities like checking my e-mail and getting caught up on the internet to steer me away from the useful tasks I needed to accomplish on a daily basis.  No longer do I need to complain that I don’t have enough time to accomplish everything I want to accomplish.  I am in control of my time, instead of my time being controlled by random activities that don’t effect the bottom line of my business and my life.

How could utilizing this tool be helpful for you and your business?


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  1. YES! I’m such a fan of Google Calendar! It’s so convenient and easy to use. I love being able to color code. I can visualize what the things are, without even reading it, just by seeing the calendar.

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