Mindblowing Blogging Techniques that Really do Drive more Traffic


I have been part of this amazing challenge for the month of October where I have had the opportunity to write blog posts on two of my blogs.  One of my blogs is called www.skypingreadingtutor.com and this one is the other one where I get to help teachers who want to teach online be the best that they can be.



I have taken part in the challenge in the past and have accomplished writing complete books and publishing them.  However, this challenge has been different.  I have had the opportunity to learn so many incredible things from the people in this challenge.  One of those things is how to really engage in a blogging community.


In the past I always had the wrong motives.  My motives were to get more people to know about who I am and what I do.  My motives today are to learn a little bit more about you and how you inspire other people through your writing and to allow you to inspire me through that writing.


This challenge is run differently on the different social media forums.  On Facebook we get to post our blog and then comment on the two blogs that came before us.  I love this tactic because I get to read content that I may not choose to read.  I get to support other bloggers in getting their message out there by sharing their blog with my social network.


On Google + we post our blog and comment on whoever’s blog we want to.  I thought it would be a really cool thing to do what we do on Facebook and I tried to start a comment chain.  Some awesome people explained why they didn’t like that idea and it opened up my mind to techniques that really do drive more traffic to your blog.


My blog traffic has increased more than it ever has since I started blogging and I know it is because of one woman’s comment that changed my entire perspective on how I blog.  Malika Bourne, the author of No Nonsense Nana and Nana and Friends  responded with the most helpful advice.

The rule is *0% about others and only 20% about ourselves. To experience a trust with viewers we have to reach out first to others.


I have since taken this to be 80% about others and 20% about me.  So, what does that mean for my blogs.  I have started as a general rule of thumb to read 4 other blogs and comment on them for every post I make.  I honestly care about reading what others have to say about different topics and I have learned a lot.  It has taken a lot of time, but I have noticed that I am getting repeat people to my blogs and that more people are following them as a result.


I feel more engaged and my viewers, I hope, are feeling more engaged as well.  So here are some of the mindblowing techniques that I have noticed drive more traffic.


  1. For every post I put out, I comment on 4, at least.
  2. Share other people’s great post with my social media circle.  If I like the content I am reading, they will too.
  3. Find blogs that you frequently want to visit and sign up to receive their posts in your inbox.  Make an effort to read and comment.
  4. Use comment luv as a wordpress plug-in.  This allows people that are bloggers to have their blog listed on your blog.
  5. What this really means for me is that I can return the favor and read their post and comment on it.
  6. Blogging is about engagement, if I am always making it about me, then I will have few fans.
  7. Come up with a blogging plan.  When I first started out I thought that I just wrote a blog post and magically people would read it.  Instead I have learned that I have to post my blog in order for people to find it.  Certain blogging communities allow you to do this.
  8. Join groups and forums on social media and be an active member, not just a poster of your link.
  9. End your post with a question.  This gives your audience something to comment about.
  10. Write an engaging headline.  This gives people a reason to want to read your blog.


The blogging community is all about engagement.  If you are not getting traffic to your blog and not getting the amount of comments that you desire on it, think about how your are engaging with others in the community.  If you are not engaging with them, then you just might have your answer like I did mine.


There is a great book out there on Amazon called Engagement from Scratch! How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same! This was referred to me by Michelle Schaeffer and it really comes in handy when it comes to building your audience.  Check it out.  A special thank you goes out to my fellow bloggers on the UBC for teaching me about how to really be an engaged blogger and not a little speck on an island.  I am truly enjoying reading all about your lives and the things that you care about most.


I would love to hear what some of you think is a mindblowing blogging technique that seems to drive more traffic to your blog below.

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  1. Seems like the 80/20 rule pops up again and again in life. The 4 comments for every blog post is an awesome idea that I will take on.

    You asked about tips for driving traffic to blogs – well I recommend stubleupon, but to make it work you need to also implement 80/20 rule and view 4 or more stumbles (preferably 10 at least) before you submit you blog there.
    Danny recently posted…Coach Yourself To WinMy Profile

  2. Thank you for this! I was thinking just this morning when I woke up that maybe I should be commenting on 5 per day. I have been missing the part about sharing OTHERS posts on my social media so I gotta be better with that. On google plus too. Thanks so much for this post. I post one a day in this challenge so I’ll be commenting on 5 posts per day. You inspired me to make it happen.

    In November I’ll be going my own challenge for my other blog and continuing to do one per day on this one. 365 days per year blogging, here I come lol.

    I found out that Saturday (yesterday) was my biggest day for comments which was cool.

    Thanks again
    Power Coach Alishia

    • I love your goal of 365 posts in the year. I find that when I post consistent content that I have consistent followers. Amazing how that all goes hand in hand.

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