11 Ways to Let your Customers Know you Listen to them

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One of the most important thing that we can offer our customers is the gift of listening to them.  Customers that feel listened to will not only come back for repeat services when needed, but they will also be more likely to refer your services.  So here are 11 things that you can do to show your new customer and your existing customers that you are listening.

1.  Get back to them as soon as possible from their initial contact with you.

2.  Contact them back in the form of communication they have contacted you or have asked for you to contact them.

3.  When you begin the conversation, don’t try to sell your services.  Find out what the customer needs.  I always start out with, “So tell me about your child’s problem in reading.”

4.  When the potential customer is talking do not talk over them or interrupt with them.

5.  Empathize with what the potential customer is saying, and if you can connect at all, this is a good place to do so.

6.  If you make any special considerations for the client, make sure you follow through on them.

7.  Take notes whenever you are listening so that you can repeat back what the customer is saying.

8.  Ask the customer if you have understood the situation correctly and repeat back what you have heard.

9.  Ask the customer if there is anything else that would help you with understand any special needs or considerations for their child.

10.  Continue to respond within 24 hours of each contact they make with you.

11.  Stay open minded.

Customer retention and referrals can propel a business in a fast forward  motion.  Using these quick techniques will help you develop a relationship with your customer which is worth more than anything else in your business.

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One comment
  1. Great list. Customers are definitely a high priority. I know, that when I am a customer, I really appreciate eye contact and when the person shows that he/ she is listening to me and really cares. Like you mentioned above, customers don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. I especially like a follow up because I sometimes don’t have a question until days later.
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