Gratitude List for Thanksgiving Day


For a long time in my life I experienced some great sadness in my life.  I had fallen into some pretty bad habits, and overall I was not very happy. Then I heard about the gratitude list.  At first when I was in this depressive state it was hard to be grateful for anything.  But I had heard that people who were grateful and did this gratitude list thing were significantly more happy in their life.  So I began with just saying 5 things in the morning that I was grateful for.  As I began this exercise I was able to extend it throughout my day and give joy for the things that were happening exactly when they were happening.  I soon began feeling this funny feeling in my body that I couldn’t explain.  I hadn’t experienced it for awhile, but I thought that it might be joy, and it was.  Once I began to experience all of the amazing things that I had in my life, I was able to really experience joy.  It wasn’t based on what other people had and what I wanted, but what I had and what I wanted.  So today I am going to share a list of the things that I am grateful for. I would love if you could share some of the things that you are grateful for on this wonderful Thanksgiving day.

1.  My own tutoring business

2.  My three children

3.  A happy husband

4.  A roof over my head with a backyard pool

5.  Family that wants to get together and stay connected

6.  The ability to love and be loved

7.  Sunsets and Sunrises

8.  All of nature

9.  The small moments I get to spend with my family doing the simple things in life

10.  I love that I can help other kids struggling with reading

11.  Reading books to my kids every night before they go to bed

12.  Reading books for pleasure

13.  Reading books to learn

14.  For who I am today

15.  To be able to write and publish books

16.  I can take my business wherever I am in the world

17.  Have the motivation to exercise

18.  Belong to a church and be an active member

19.  Be a blessing to other people

20.  Be of service to others

21.  Crocheting, oh how I love yarn

22.  A decent car that gets me everywhere I need to go

23.  Always have the exact amount of money I need

24. A loving God that is always there for me.

25.  Friends

26.  The ability to pray for people no matter what

27.  Freedom

28.  Choices

29.  Traveling

30.  Funny things that my kids say that make me laugh

31.  People to partner with in my business

32.  The best students in the whole wide world.

33.  Healthy food

34.  A free school system

35.  Warm weather

36.  Cold weather when it kills all the bugs and you can snuggle up to a fire

37. My garage, especially when it snows

38. Clothing, I love new clothes

39.  Recovery

40.  My Jazzercize group

We all have so much to be grateful for, no matter what.  So tell me what you are most grateful for on this wonderful Thanksgiving day.

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