Business Principles we can Learn from the Three Little Pigs


We are all familiar with the story of The Three Little Pigs.  It is near and dear to my heart because I would read it to my children over and over andthree little pigs

over again.  I even had my own rendition of this story that I would tell them without ever looking at a book.  As online tutors, what can we learn about our business from this story?  Well, I am going to show you with the story of the Three Little Pigs.

The three little pigs left their dear old school to set off and build their very own online tutoring company.  The first little piggy didn’t want to spend any money on his education to learn best practices, and he certainly didn’t want to spend any money on marketing himself.  Really he just wanted to have a great old time with his friends and not really work at all.  If he had one or two clients, then he would be happy.  No one knew what this little piggy did for a living, but he sure knew how to have fun.

The second little piggy had some extra money to spare to market his business.  He didn’t have a lot of money mind you, but he knew that if he invested wisely that new clients would pay for his services and then he would be able to afford some more advertising.  This piggy wasn’t interested in learning how to grow his business big, he really just wanted something that could keep him comfortable.  He would be able to buy the kind of food he wanted and some new clothes once in a while.

The third little pig was a real dreamer.  In fact his brothers would make fun of his big grand ideas.  They would laugh at him and tell him that living the kind of life he wanted to live wasn’t even possible.  This piggy didn’t listen to his unsuccessful brothers.  He knew that with the right training and with the right tools, that he could build a long lasting business that would survive anything, even an economic crash.  So he took a class from one of the top people in the industry to learn how they set up their business.  He invested his money into advertising and he took great care of each and every one of his clients.  This third piggy knew the value of building a strong foundation.  He knew that if he found out what the successful people in the industry were doing that he could replicate it and do it as well or even better than them.  He saved up enough money to buy his dream house, travel the world, and inspire other little piggies through his outstanding tutoring services.

When the economic crash came (also known as the big bad wolf), the other two piggies came running to the third piggy to learn how to set up a business for success.  They learned that the time that you take today to put success principles into your life and your business can set you up for a lifetime of success.

I share this story with you, because it is a cute way to talk about some tough realities.  If you don’t take the time to find out how to be successful in your business, then you are setting your business up for failure.  In just one week everyone is going to have the opportunity to get a free training that will change your mindset about online tutoring.  The only thing that this training will cost is your time.  But as we learned in the story above, the time that you put in now, will benefit you for a lifetime, even through an economic crisis.  So if you want to be an early bird and get on the list to receive these videos as soon as they are released, then sign up today.  It will be worth every second that you put into it.

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