10 Simple Ways to Organize your Office

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Do you have a space in your home that you absolutely love to go to when you tutor your students?  If you don’t love the space that you are in, it is time to organize your office so that you love it and it is conducive to your needs as you are starting your online tutoring business.  Today we are going to focus on just ten simple things that you can do to create a space that you are excited to come to when it is time to work.


1.  Clear out all of the clutter.  If you have things in your office that do not serve a purpose for your business, then it is time to get rid of it.

2.  Don’t allow others to use your space as a dumping ground.  I have three children and they love to leave their stuff all over the place.  Respect your office by not allowing your office to collect their clutter.

3.  Go through your files once quarterly.  All the files that you are not currently using should go into an archive box.  Once your archive box is full, it is time to put it into storage in a space outside of your office.

4.  Get a labeler.  Have fun with your labeler and use it to organize your space.

5.  Keep books that you need within arms length space.  You are going to want to have easy access to all of your resources, this will make you an even more effective tutor than those who don’t.

6.  Spend just 5 minutes at the end of the work day putting away all of the items that you used during your sessions.  If it is not possible to do that, then take 5 minutes before you start your day to do this.  It will feel so good and you will love your space even more.

7.  Place multiple tools or supplies in a supply closet.  You do not need to have extra tools that you don’t use cluttering up your space on your desk.  Utilize a closet nearby to store all of your extras.

8.  Maximize desk space by utilizing wall space.  If you have a small desk, then you can create shelves on your walls that can hold your materials and free up space.

9.  Keep digital files so that you don’t need to have hard copies of everything.  Go GREEN!  That is the beauty of online tutoring.  We are a very GREEN business.

10.  Get rid of piles, everything has a home, so figure out where it’s home should be and put it there.

This post gave me the opportunity to put what I say into practice and the feeling of having a clean and organized office always feels good.  I love coming to my space to teach and having everything that I need without any problems.  Nothing feels worse than not being able to find what you need when you need it.  So take some time to get organized and see how it makes a difference in your business.

Take a look at this Google Hangout where I discussed how to organize your office in more detail.

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