Great New Tool for Organizing your Online Tutoring Business


So last month I went to speak to a group of teachers in Iowa and I got to take all of my students with me.  But here’s the thing, since I am now completely booked in my business, I had a ton of files to bring with me.  My portable office was heavy and not easy to carry around during the day at the conference.

I had a spare moment to pop into one of the sessions at the reading conference and it just happened to be a teacher talking about using Evernote.  She was also complaining about how she had to take tons of files home every night and it was loading her down.  I thought, “Yea, that is exactly my problem right now.”

This teacher explained how Evernote is devised into folders and that you can create a new folder for each student.  I thought wow, that is exactly what I need.  Then I thought, but I like to handwrite my notes.  I wonder if there is a tool that would work for me with handwriting.

When I went home after the conference I began looking at different apps and I instantly fell in love with Penultimate.  This tool syncs with Evernote, so I was able to move my student information, each child’s initial assessment, and their notebook into a file associated with their name.  This tool actually looks like a physical notebook, but without having to purchase individual notebooks for each of my students.  It is free, so it is not only green, but will save money on notebooks and pens that I used to have to purchase.


As you can see from the picture, I can label each notebook with my students names.  If I need to find a notebook quickly, I can either scroll or type the child’s name in the search box by the question mark.  I am able to grab each child’s folder quicker than ever before and the information is synced on my phone, computer, and ipad.  Sometimes I would forget one student’s folder when I went on a trip and would have to ask the student where we left off in a book.  I no longer need to worry about that because it is always on my computer now.

This is the best solution for my online tutoring business that I have found.  It has made teaching anywhere easier than ever.  I even love the color coding I can easily do.  Ther are 8 different colors I can choose to write in.

Whether you are just starting an online tutoring business or have had one for a while, I highly suggest checking it out.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to have your student’s information right at your fingertips.

What organizational tools have you used that would benefit other online tutors?  I would love to hear about your favorites and how you use them.  Post below and share the love.

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