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So I was reading a very interesting article in LinkedIn by Arianna Huffington.  It really caught my attention.  She mentioned that people are entering the craziest things into google search.  She randomly just put “Why am I” into Google and Google automatically came up with tired to help her out.

Google pulls up the most typical things that people type into the search bar to help you find your information quicker.  So one of the things that people are looking for is an answer to why they are so tired.  I was curious and typed it into my search bar and this is what I got.

Why am I so tired?

Why am I always tired?

Why am I always cold?

Why am I always hungry?

Why am I not losing weight?

Our culture has moved us into overdrive and we are often tired, exhausted, and just plain out of energy.  This tends to lead us into feeling anxious, rushed, and out of steam.  I remember when I was in the classroom teaching how tired I was all of the time.  I would wake up at 5:00 am to get ready for work, get there around 6 am or 6:30 and not leave till 5 or 5:30.  There was always so much to do.  I had to organize my classroom, correct papers, make phone calls, respond to e-mails, plan lessons, and get materials.  Those were just some of the basic tasks.  Sometimes, I felt like I had to do all of these other things and I wished I could spend more time teaching.  During class if I wasn’t perfectly planned discipline problems would ensue, which would be a whole other draining factor.

Teachers aren’t the only ones who are tired, but teaching sure is a tiring job.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love teaching.  It is my calling and my passion.  However, now that I tutor online, much of the stress that I used to feel is no longer present.  I don’t have to worry about administration, politics, parents who are not invested in their child’s education, or correcting papers.  I don’t even have to spend a lot of time planning lessons.  While I am working with each of my students I simply write down in a notebook, the next thing that we are going to work on and then we do it.  It is really simple.  Now I get to teach most of the time, which is my passion, and I don’t have to worry about all that other stuff.

In the beginning I did have to learn all about marketing, but I didn’t have as many students then and I had more time to invest in that.  Now, I feel really comfortable with the marketing side of things, running my business, teaching online, and raising a family.  The other day I was booked solid with 9 hours of students and I even managed to give my bedroom a complete makeover.  I never would have been able to do that if I was teaching in the classroom.  I love teaching and now because I tutor online I am able to teach more than I ever had the opportunity to do before.

What do you love about teaching online?

Or, if you are still deciding whether you want to make the transition from classroom to teaching at home online, what is one thing that drives you the most crazy as a teacher?

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  1. I’ve been enjoying learning about how you tutor online, JoAnne. Thanks!! I’m also impressed that you can handle 9 hours of students! I’m tutoring right now and agree that it’s much less stressful and tiring than classroom teaching for me as well. However, I still get tired after 4 hours of it. How long are your sessions with each child?
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! Each of my sessions vary from 30 minutes to an hour. It just depends on each child’s circumstances.

  2. I feel a little perplexed as I read this post. I opened it because I thought it was about being tired, and possibly had some ideas for how to help the problem. Instead, it seems to be about being an online vs. classroom teacher, which is a significant jump in topic. A little bait and switch, perhaps?
    Stormy Fanning recently posted…Run Like a TurtleMy Profile

    • Every blog has a certain audience that they are particularly writing to. As a good writer if you don’t define your audience it can hinder what your purpose is. My purpose to help classroom teachers be able to earn an extra income tutoring online or to replace their current income with tutoring online. The classroom is where I started my journey and due to needing more balance with my family, I began my own online tutoring business. It is my goal to help others who are looking for tips and tricks in that area of life. I help support them, motivate them, and guide them. I appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Visitors are always welcome. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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