Teaching and Traveling the World


I have always dreamed of exploring new places and traveling the world.  This philosophy doesn’t really fit with our teaching world.  We have classrooms that are  confined to one room and we have to schedule our vacations during the busiest times of the year.  As an online tutor I am not restricted to these constraints.  I have the freedom to travel, explore, and live life to the fullest.

So this past week I spent my time at a Reading Conference in West Virgina.  The conference was held at the Greenbrier hotel and it is beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life.  It totally feels like you are at the White House and everyone is treated like royalty.


This picture doesn’t do this place half the justice it deserves, but it is one of my favorite rooms because this is where I got to teach my students on the last day before I left.  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but it is all decked out for Christmas.  It is a historical building and all of the presidents used to stay here when they came to visit West Virgina.  It has everything you could ever imagine, casino, bowling alley, tennis courts, golf courts, pools, shopping malls, and so much more.  Just being at this hotel feels like I am on vacation even though I have had the work most of the time.

One night I was teaching my students in my room.  When I finished for the night I went exploring.  By the time I came back 30 minutes later they had turned down my room for the evening and my chaos I had all over the place was completely organized.  When you have three kids, this is unusual treatment.

During the conference that I was at I had the privilege to be a featured speaker and share my karaoke intervention that helped close the reading gap for many students in the school I used to work for.  What an honor it was to share the tools in my toolbox with them and to add new tools to my own toolbox.

As an online tutor I still value increasing my knowledge of my content area and staying on top of best practices.  I was able to attend sessions on brain based teaching and learn how to increase kids vocabulary.  I always come back from these events refreshed and re energized to constantly be evaluating  my teaching practices.  It is important to continue your own education and conferences are a great way to do that.

One day it is my goal to put on a huge conference for online tutors that allows them to be refreshed and energized.  It will focus on how to market an online tutoring business and have tools to successfully move forward in this direction.  This is one of the reasons I created the Tutorpreneur program, I love helping teachers use online tutoring as a supplemental income or to replace their income.  It has given me so much freedom in my life and I am excited to pass that on to others.

How do you continue to increase your knowledge base and stay on top of best practices?  Comment below I would love to hear your strategies.

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