How Spending $1,000 on an SEO specialist was the Worst Investment Ever


A few years ago when I was working for a personal development company I got a phone call.  Now this phone call was not something that I initiated, it was a cold call from an SEO company.  They had noticed that I had a website and wanted to help me get on the first page so that I could get more leads.  Everything they told me was everything that I wanted to hear.  They told me that I could get

1.  Loads of new potential clients finding me without having to use pay per click advertising from Google.

2.  First page results for my keywords

3.  Results in a short amount of time

4.  Hundreds of links to my sites

5.  Choose my own keywords

These selling points sounded extremely enticing to me and they even sold me on a thousand dollar package.  However, none of these things helped me with building my business.  I received zero calls and it was the worst investment I ever made.

From that point I decided that I was going to learn everything about SEO that I could possibly learn and I was amazed at how the SEO companies go about their process in a very backwards way.  What you really want to accomplish from first page results is engaging content that people want to continue to come back to and not just a one and done resource.  You want relevant people linking to your website and not dead end links.  Building real relationships with people online and not trying to trick the system is a much more effective way to get the real results that you are looking for.


So what does Google love to promote?  Their are two things that Google absolutely loves and they both involve fresh content.

1.  Blogs featuring your keywords

2. Videos

Google owns YouTube, so when you actually make videos people will stay on their pages longer, which means that they will be able to make more money on advertising.  Have you ever noticed how at the top of Google there are links for web, shopping, and videos.  If you click on videos for your keyword you will notice that it is way easier to get noticed for a video than many other tools you can utilize.  But what is the most effective video when you want to become an online tutor?  Is it the video that is all about the tutor or something valuable for the potential client?  The latter for sure is way more effective than the all about how great I am video.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see online tutors making is creating videos showing people how online tutoring works.  This is not the most important thing that will make up the mind of a parent who would like to move forward with your services.  Most people want to know that the person their child is going to work with is engaging and that their child will have fun.  So if you can teach valuable content to parents and be yourself, then you will have more of an opportunity for them to move forward with you than from anyone else out there.  This is called positioning.  People that are all about themselves instead of about their ideal client miss out on thousands of dollars.

The best way to get more clients is to follow what other successful people that have plenty of clients are doing.  Since everyone is at a different place in their business I offer a free strategy session that will help them move their business forward.  If this is something that you are interested in, then click on this link and set up a time  I am happy to help you move forward in your business to get the results that you want.

What has your experience been with SEO specialists?  Have you been tempted to hire one?  I would love to hear your experience.

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