Free Strategy Sessions for Online Tutors


When I first got started with tutoring online 5 years ago, there were not a lot of people doing what I was doing. In fact, I felt like an island trying to figure everything out. It was during those frustrating times that I made promise to myself to be of service to other online tutors if I ever figured this thing out.

Guess what? I figured it out and have booked my online tutoring business solid. So now, I am following through on that promise I made myself and I am helping others out. I have asked the people that I have helped out what they thought of the free strategy session that I offered and here are some of the responses. I was honored by the benefits that they received and the gratitude they gave.

free strategy session

People with a ton of experience are learning new strategies. Amit Jha said, I have been into online tutoring for past 8 years and never thought over the strategies she discussed.”

Some people are struggling on their own and receiving great next steps. According to Wendi Conrad, “Joanne recently gave a strategy session with me (free of charge) and she helped me see next steps.”

Brand new tutors are wondering whether their ideas will work. “Joanne met with me one on one and we discussed the ideas that I had for starting my online tutoring business.” Katie

People are encouraged to charge what they are worth. Laura Kulp mentioned that, “After talking to Joanne I realized I was being taken advantage of. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it but then this one family decided to move away. I was able to let the tutoring opportunity go and, thanks to Joanne’s strategic advice, wise enough not to offer online services when I knew I wasn’t being paid what I was worth.” Katie also mentioned that Joanne, “helped her consider charging what she was worth.”

Attendees are learning effective resources to use. According to Laura, “Joanne talked about a good computer for online tutoring, resources for helping a student with fluency, and getting more students online rather than in person.

Tutors are getting motivated. “Joanne is really supportive and encouraging and gives you what you need the most when you start your online business: a reference point. It’s easy to feel alone when you start your business, but she gives you the strength and the support you need to go on and succeed. She is happy to share her experience and knowledge with you and she’s always willing to help you and guide you step by step. I’m glad I found a person like Joanne, she’s the business coach every teacher dreams of.” – Gloria Spagnoli

I am so glad that people are getting useful information from our one on one time together. I am excited for them and they results that they are getting. If you are looking to get started in online tutoring or would like to bring your business to the next level, I would love to invite you to a free strategy session as well. All you need to do is go to the link. Each session is between 30 minutes to an hour. I used to charge $97 for a 30 minute session, but if you have had a session already and would like to book another one, then you will get double the time for $97. I am looking forward to helping you dream big and succeed.

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