Top 10 Hobbies of Online Tutors

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The Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors is a free group Joanne Kaminski started to help other tutors in whatever stage of their online tutoring business they are in.  However, it has become so much more than just a group.  We are a family.  Over the past year we have gotten to hear what each person is struggling with, celebrate their successes, and get to know each other as people.

I think that this post speaks to how diverse of a group we are.

We all love different things, but we also love some of the same things.  The first five hobbies are the ones that some of us have in common, and the next 5 are some unique ones that speak to each other’s individualities.

  1. Travelling
  2. Reading
  3. Crocheting
  4. Fitness
  5. Beading
  6. Horse Riding
  7. Building Card Houses
  8. Tridoku
  9. Jigsaw puzzles
  10. MOPS


The top hobby of online tutors is travelling.  Pretty much everyone in the group seems to love travelling, but a

Online tutor, Lisa Laurence

Lisa Lieurance is one of many online tutors that love to travel

unique story is Lisa Lieurance, an English tutor.  She is currently spending three months in Southeast Asia.  She said that she loved the island of Gili Meno, but the power goes out quite frequently, so it is not an ideal location to do online tutoring.


I was not surprised to be amongst so many avid readers in the group.  We are the smartest of the smart.  Here are some of the books that people are currently reading or finished recently.


  1. Deep Work by Cal Newport
  2. The 12 Week Year by Bryan P. Moran
  3. Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher
  4. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  5. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
  6. Job Security for Life in Teaching: How to Become an online Tutor by Joanne Kaminski (shameless plug)


  1. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
  2. The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina HenriQuez
  3. Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


Crochet blanket

Crochet Blanket, by Joanne Kaminski

My ultimate favorite thing to do is crochet.  I was surprised to learn that Dana Kay, Ericka, and Bettina also love crocheting.  It is very rare for me to run into people who love to crochet.  I bring my crochet everywhere I go.  You never know when you will have an opportunity to work on something fun.  Here is a picture of a blanket that I just recently finished.


One of the most important things you can do for your health besides eating right when you are an online tutoring is staying physically active.  When you sit at a computer as much as we do, you have to find something fun to do that includes moving.  Joanne loves Jazzercise, Kerstin Cable anything fitness, and Brandi Appell likes to run.  Finding something that you love and doing it consistently can make a huge impact on your body.


Bettina Ortiz is an arts and crafts girl, just like Joanne.  I began beading about seven years ago.  I make my jewelry and have learned to do some pretty intricate beadwork.

Horse Riding

Mary Avag loves to go horse riding.

Building Card Houses

Brian Barnhart and I had an interesting discussion about his hobby involving building card houses.  One time when I took my entire family to Macau, China we were staying at the Venetian, and there was a guy there that recreated the Venetian hotel out of cards.  Well, it turns out this person is Bryan Berg one of Brian Barnhart’s favorite card house builders.  This truly shows what an amazingly small world it is.


When heard that someone loved to play tridoku I couldn’t help but respond with, “Tri what, what?”  So apparently tridoku is like sudoku but with a triangle instead of a square.  So this is what our genius math tutors do in their free time.  I love it, Brandi Appell.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Ericka Kilgore-Knighten loves to veg out and do a good puzzle.  Of course, she needs to have her favorite coffee sitting in front of her while she endlessly looks for pieces to put in place.


Now I know some of you are thinking, who would enjoy cleaning up their kitchen with a mop for a hobby.  MOPS stands for Mother’s with Preschoolers.  Michelle Patterson helps lead the team to minister to Mamma’s just with little ones and provide them with support and prayer.  I love how she uses the talents God has given her to make an impact on other women with little ones.

We truly have a diverse group of people here in our group, and it is a pleasure to continue to get to know each of you a little deeper.  What do you love to do in your free time?  We would love to hear from you.  Comment below to continue this awesome discussion.






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