A Place of my Own by Marilyn Weber


Marilyn Weber: Online TutorWhen I first began with Joanne, I recall someone asking me “That’s interesting.

Tutoring online? I didn’t know they did that.”

And of course since that time, I have heard and read many things about online tutoring

and most positively seeing how it truly is a fast-growing industry at all levels of learning!

It makes me truly grateful as I have researched and learned over the past several

months that so many young people faced with the hurdles of finding employment after

college are actually making their own employment by challenging themselves to

becoming online entrepreneurs. (or online Tutorpreneurs!)

Which brings me to three things you should know right up front.

1) Creating your own Online (tutoring) business is not for the faint of heart

2) As the old saying goes ‘Anything worth having is worth working for!”

3) You CAN teach an old(er) dog new tricks!

The following were among things I was totally comfortable with as I began the process

of booking my online business which I am in the early stages of currently.

* Building a website

* Creating a business plan

* Marketing

* Being familiar with Facebook, and LinkedIn and other social media

* Running the business for myself instead of for others

* Being creative

* Making videos, audio files

* Having other income to help early cash flow

Many of you who have lived for a few years in the adult world beyond college already

have the foundational tools for getting an online business up and running. The

comfortable things listed above I had already encountered in my living and working and

continual yearning for new knowledge. The rest of the ‘padding’ came from other

sources along the way.

What I didn’t know was how to pull it all together and, what to do about not having a

career background in teaching. Those were the things I was most concerned about

early on.

Having retired from getting my paycheck signed by others during my work life, I thought

that I would spend my remaining days as an altruist. Meanwhile, I

became a sub teacher in the local school districts for the past five years and picked up

new knowledge about, yes, you guessed it, teaching! And, I loved it! Subbing at all

levels and at times working in small groups and one-on-one with students, provided

experience for tutoring.

So, that gave me the foundational aspect of teaching that I sought.

Pulling it all together was another matter altogether.

As I mentioned above, the rest of the padding came from other sources along the way.

That couldn’t be more true.

Joanne KaminskiJoanne Kaminski is a role model, mentor, teacher, guidance counselor, encourager, trainer, support system and a whole lot of other things too numerous to mention. She has been my biggest support outside my family and along the way, there have been many other close friends who have lifted me up and encouraged me. Then Joanne created the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors on Facebook, and that provided a boost. Now there were many others dealing with the same ups and downs, just at different points along the journey to becoming online tutors.

Soon, I was at the point where the next big push was going to be the 5 In Five

marketing strategy that Meg Navarro talked about and, from Sandhya Bajaj, the idea that you have to be all in or don’t even mess with the effort (not Sandy’s exact words).

Meg and Sandhya were part of the Getting Results 2016 Online Tutor Conference

earlier this year.

My plan was to suspend my sub teaching for the next year, and then I began marketing

with print ads, flyers, and business cards. The local librarian and I talked. The opening

video for my business was finished and a friend of mine, Renee, placed the link to my

Facebook business page on a site for area homeschoolers. Soon I had contacts from 3

potential moms/students and as of this writing, I am still working with them. More to

come later.

Please note – booking solid for me is going to be a few students per week – the

plan and income are not my sole purpose for doing this, unlike where many of you may

be in starting your new adventures.

At any rate, it all starts somewhere, and it is in the doing that gets the deed done! Or, all

the plans on paper and the thoughts in your head will not accomplish much when it

comes to building an online business! So get going! And

a very successfully booked-solid online business!

To hear a live interview with Marilyn, check out this video from the Getting Started Conference.

Marilyn Weber resides in St. Johns, MI and has traveled most of these United States of America via road trip. Whenever in small towns Marilyn will seek out their quaint libraries and shaded parks. Having worked in offices most of her life, now in her second half of the game Marilyn lives a dream of ‘A Place Of My Own’ in her online tutoring business! Connect with Marilyn at

www.readerstoleaders.com facebook.com/weberonlinetutoring linkedin.com/in/marilynweber

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