Online Tutor Forum vs. Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors


After adding the Online Tutor Forum to our collaboration resources, I have been asked several great questions about it. Since many of these questions had similarities, I felt it was best to address them within a blog instead of individually. Also, if you have additional questions, please contact me and I will be more than happy to answer them. With that said, let’s get to the questions!

What is the Online Tutor Forum?

The Online Tutor Forum is a supplementary resource to our Facebook group where we can share, grow, and search our collective knowledge.

This is accomplished primarily by the forum’s organizational structure. It is organized into categories, forums, and topics to make conversations easily found. For example, we have the “Members” category with the forums for “Peer Review Requests”, “Reading”, “Math”, and several others. Within one of these forums, related topics can be created such as “Please Review My Website” or “New Reading Resource”. Within these topics, we can then reply with our thoughts.


How is the forum different than the Facebook group?

There are numerous differences between our forum and Facebook group. The way I see it is that our Facebook group is our home where we can have our day-to-day conversations, and the forum is the library within our home where we can record, grow, and recall our collective knowledge.

In our Facebook group, or “home”, we can quickly answer questions. This is a huge strength of our group, especially because most questions are answered within an hour (sometimes minutes!) after being posted due to Facebook’s amazing notification system. However, Facebook is ineffective for finding answers after a few days. As a result, many of the same great questions are asked multiple times.

Don’t get me wrong; asking questions multiple times isn’t the problem. The more questions you ask, the more you can grow and allow us to grow as a community as well. The problem is that we are recreating the same answers and unable to address deeper aspects of the question because the content is routinely lost. This is where our forum helps us.

In our forum, or “library”, content can be taken from the Facebook group to be further discussed within our forum. These discussions will not be lost over time and can be referred to when someone asks a related question. As a result, discussions can start addressing much deeper aspects of the question and be an enormous help to the tutors with that question.

What type of discussions can you expect in the forum?

The short answer is anything. Even though the primary function of our forum will be to provide resources and knowledge for business development and teaching strategies, there is also an “Off Topic” forum (my personal favorite) for anything not related to business development. So if you find a great resource to share with everyone, have a question specific to a subject, or are curious what toppings everyone enjoys on their nachos, there’s a place for that:).

How often should I check the forum?

Personally, I check it once or twice a day. However, a great aspect of the forum is that new content is always moved to the top of the list and labeled as unread. This makes it easy to see what new content has been posted between visits. Due to this great feature, checking once every other day will also give a benefit if that is all you can schedule into your week.

Remember, though, the more you join the conversations and help others, the more people will get to know you and potentially recommend students or give you the assistance you may not even know you need.

What should I do to get started?

The first step is to register for an account. It is very easy, and there is a guide in the Public section for registering and setting up your profile.

Also, since the forum will be our “library”, it only makes sense to have a “Meet the Tutors” forum where you can add a short description of yourself and your business. This will help you network with other members, find people that complement your business, and help create some more win-win scenarios for everyone.

To get these great benefits all you need to do is register for your account, post your description in the “Meet the Tutors” category, and join the conversations.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to join the party!


Brian Barnhart Online Math Tutor

Brian Barnhart, Online Math tutor

This post was created by Brian Barnhart.  Brian is an online math tutor and a member of our group for the past 6 months.  You can learn more about him and his business at his website.

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