Why Tutors Struggle to Find Online Students?


So, it is time for me to get real with each of you.  When I started my very first online job as a network marketer, I fell into the wrong mindset pretty quickly.  I was lured into working only 10 hours a week and raking in the money.  I soon found out that this is a hoax and it would not be the way to find online students.

Why?  Well, people that put in a little time and little effort get little results.  Then they complain that they can’t find the clients they need.  But the real problem is not that clients are hard to find, there are not enough of them interested in online tutoring, or that a specific marketing strategy doesn’t work.  The real problem lies with us.  We think we can put in measly efforts and have an explosion of results.

Don’t be misled by people that say they were lucky when they started their business. Maybe they were, but there are only a few people who can use that formula and be truly successful.  The rest of us need to put in our time doing the right actions.

Think back to how you learned to read.  Most people only remember a couple of things about it, but it just kind of felt like you just learned it.  Maybe it came easily or maybe it was difficult.  Either way, very few people remember the work they put in to learn how to read.  Does this mean that you were lucky?  It could be part luck.  You were born into the right country where there were school systems, but does that take away all of the work you put in during the early years.  I think not.  Your teachers worked hard, and you followed their instructions.

So how does success happen?  Believe it or not, there is a secret formula.  What is that formula?

Set a goal  +  create a plan  + take consistent right action daily = success quickly

Most people when they started their online tutoring business and were successful may not even realize that they used this formula, but if you ask them I am sure they will tell you yes.  You may be wondering what those right actions are.

Some people were able to follow this formula and still get success.

Set a goal + create a plan + take consistent right action weekly = success eventually

There are some that follow this plan and wonder why they are struggling with finding students.

Set a goal + create a plan + think about taking right action, but don’t always follow through = Frustration

Listen to this motivation video to be motivated.

You may be wondering what those right actions are for your online tutoring business.

I have a free gift for you.  It is 10 actions you can take today online to get online students.  If you are interested, just click the link.


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