10 Tips For Professional Photos for Business Success


Have you wondered what the best kinds of photos are to post on your social media profile picture?  Take a look at this infographic I created that lays out ten tips for professional photos for business success, especially in the online tutoring world.

Professional Photos for Business

Professional Photos for Business

Now let’s take a look at some of the photos of people in our community, The Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors and see how they measure up to these tips.

The first photo is of Ann Mitchell from Castle Rock Tutoring.  Ann tutors math and reading to kids in elementary school.  What I love about Ann’s photo is that the lighting is perfect, she has a plain background that is not distracting, and she is smiling.  Also, notice how she is showing her shoulders on up and how appropriately dressed she is. Who wouldn’t want to hire a tutor that takes themselves seriously like Ann.

Ann Mitchell

Ann Mitchell

Next is Atul Rana, an online math tutor from the UK.  He teaches A level maths to kids in high school.  Notice how Atul has a blurred background.  This effect allows Atul to be the focus of the photo and not the other way around.  He is also smiling and is featured from the chest up.  This works well and shows what a kind soul he has.  People like to hire people they like, know and trust.  This picture looks like the kind of person I would want to hire for my high school child for math.

Atul Rana

Atul Rana

Here is a look at Joanne Kaminski’s Facebook photo.  It was professionally taken in the park.  Like Atul’s, Joanne has a blurred background so that she stands out.  This is an action shot of her working in the park.  You can notice that there is great natural lighting, it features her from the shoulders up, and she has a natural smile.  She took the time to do her hair, put on makeup, and show off her best self.

Online Reading tutor

Joanne Kaminski, online reading tutor

People who are serious about online tutoring pay attention to these kinds of details. You can have a professional picture taken or have a friend take a photo of you.  Pay attention to details, and you will stand out from the many others that are trying to break out in this new field of online tutoring.





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  1. The first thing that caught my eye as I skimmed the post after reading your Tip Sheet Joanne, was that each of the teachers was smiling a genuine smile. It gave me a sense of trust which is important when considering engaging or establishing a first touch with a tutor. The blurred background made each of the tutors stand out in the photo.

    I’m certainly going to be using these tips!
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…How Would Your Obituary Read? (Make your true legacy matter)My Profile

  2. Thank you for your suggestions on what to look for when choosing or creating a picture for social media. I especially like the suggestion about the blurred background. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good tips. Been thinking about taking a good photo for a long time. I always come out really bad in photos. These tips should surely help.

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