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I just read some amazing statistics from my good friend Michelle Schaefer who is known as the girl blogger next door and is currently hosting a blogging challenge.

“Take any hundred people at the start of their online business and follow them for 5 years and here’s what you’ll find…

According to

– Only 1 in 100 will be a 6-figure+ a year earner focused only on doing what they love doing most…

– 4 in 100 will break $50K per year…

– 6 in 100 will still be working somewhere for someone else while also trying to run their online business, not because they want to but because they have to…

– 36 in 100 will have given up completely, and…

– 53 in 100 will be still struggling to make it work, with little or no results to show for their effort…

That’s basically 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.

The truth is, there’s no reason for that 95% not to succeed.”

Wow, that is astounding that 95% do not succeed.

It is also disheartening to see so many hopeful people just give up.

Why I am increasing my involvement

This is why I am increasing my involvement to help other online tutors succeed in 2017.  I want to see you reach the 50K level or even the 6 figure level with your online tutoring business.

Why?  Because it has changed my life.  Since I started tutoring online, I make more money per hour and more money yearly than I did working full time in the schools.

Today I get to experience less stress, have flexibility in my schedule, and can be more present in my daughter’s lives.  In fact, today I didn’t need to ask anyone if I could take some time off of work to take my daughter to the orthodontist to get her braces on.

Life is so good.

When I got started, I wanted someone that could show me how to do things, but it was so early in the online tutoring world, there were only a few people I could reach out to.  Of those people, only one took the time to chat with me via e-mail.

I was frustrated because I had to figure everything out the hard way.  I used this model. 

  1. Try
  2. Fail
  3. Try again

Sometimes things worked and other times it didn’t.

It was frustrating.  There was no community I could lean on or help in this process.

So I made the decision that if I ever figured out how to get clients successfully, then I would begin showing people how to do that and now you can learn how to do it as well.

This is why I created the free Facebook Group Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors.  This is a place where people can begin to network with each other and ask the questions that they specifically have about online tutoring.

Ask Questions

No question is a bad question.  People ask about how to get started, how to get clients, and what type of software that people use.

Free Conference

Each month there is also a free conference where the community gets together to learn about topics that interest them.

In fact, our next conference is called New Year, New Math.  It will focus on how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in your head and turn your brain into a human calculator.

Even if you don’t teach math, you will benefit from this conference because you will be able to do all of your calculations for your business inside of your head.

Here is a quick video from Brandi Appell and I regarding the conference.


The Facebook group and the conferences are all free, but there are also many other ways that I support people with their online tutoring business.

Netflix for Online Tutors

One of those ways is through the Members only portal of the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors.  Think of this as the Netflix for Online Tutors.  People have access to videos, handouts, tutorials, and replays of conferences.  There is always new content added each week because we have 2 live calls that members get to attend.  One call is dedicated to meeting other online tutors, networking, and answering questions people have.  The other call is for a book club where people get to learn alongside each other and implement new strategies.

You would think that this would cost a ton of money, but it is as cheap as Netflix, less than $10 a month.  For the New Year, I am offering a free 1 month trial.  You can come into the community, check it out and see if you like it.  If at any point you are not interested in being a part of our group you can cancel your membership and not be charged a cent.

My goal for each of you is to turn you into the 4 out of 100 or the 1 out of 100.  I know that through these resources this will absolutely be possible.  We were not meant to learn everything on our own.  We were meant to learn from each other.  So join us today and learn how to get more students for your online tutoring business.





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