Here’s a Neat Trick to Get Quality Testimonials for Your Online Tutoring Business


Starting an online tutoring service is a rewarding path to take, but nobody said it’s easy.


Take me, for example. I spent long months figuring out what marketing strategies would work for my business, and I want to spare you the trouble. So here I will share an amazing trick that I personally do to get more students when I need them. Let me share with you the power of testimonials for online tutors and how you can get testimonials quickly and relatively pain-free.


Why Do Testimonials Work?


Consumers are getting smarter by the day. “Salesy” pitches complete with banners and attractive offers simply won’t make them take out their credit cards. They ask all kinds of questions like:


“Is this service worth it?”

“Will it really help me with my problem?”

“What if I get ripped off?”


What you need to do is to convince potential clients that your online tutoring service is worth every buck they will spend.


This is where testimonials for online tutors come in. Testimonials add a human side to things; it tells potential clients that your tutoring services helped other people with their problems and gives them hope that maybe you can help them, too.


Giving hope to your clients is what you want to do. Convince them that there is hope for their problems, and their hope is found in you and your competent services.

How to Get Testimonials for Online Tutoring – Quick!


One common problem though is some clients do not want to or cannot go to all the trouble of leaving positive reviews for your online tutoring services. Will you stop there? No! Give them a compelling reason to leave testimonials.


What I like to do to get new students, usually at the end or start of a school year, is to hold a fun contest among my current clients.Testimonial contest


The contest is pretty simple: if current clients share testimonials about your online tutoring services anywhere online or even offline, they will get a chance to win an exciting prize.


Sounds fun? Because it is! Clients will get one point for leaving one review absolutely anywhere, and they can share the same review in multiple places. Also, they can get another point just for posting the same testimonial in the same place. They can share them on Facebook, either on their page or your page, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and anywhere other people can see.


The really neat part is the client that gets the most points will win a prize like a $20 gift certificate or a free one-hour online tutoring session. They didn’t do anything other than share their experience with you, and boom! They got an exciting prize just like that. It really is a win-win situation.


My clients love this contest, and this technique is hugely responsible for acquiring new online tutoring students every start or end of the year.

Take Advantage of the Power of Testimonials for Online Tutors Right NOW


Testimonials and reviews are some of the things that most potential clients look for before booking an online tutorial service, so getting yourself some quality testimonials should be a focus in your marketing strategy. Feel free to hold the contest I described above and change or add some things depending on your objectives.


Have more ideas for getting testimonials for online tutors? Fantastic! Share them below!


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  1. Great ideas. Today I was inspired by this and I am starting to tell my students that if they refer me to someone who actually become a client, I give them a free lesson

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