Know What You’re Talking About: Being A Successful Online Tutor Before Leading Others


If you’re running an online tutorial business, it’s highly likely that you’ve encountered people claiming to be business coaches or business gurus and not a successful online tutor. They supposedly spent years studying the secrets to business success, and they promise you that being under their wings will give you results you have never dreamed of.

successful online tutor


There are business coaches that know what they’re talking about, and there are those that don’t. The latter keeps sputtering promises without results. What differentiates them?


Simple. Credible business coaches have real life experience in running a successful online tutorial business. The rest is a bunch of people who read books about succeeding in this field and assume that this equals expertise.


Why do you need to be successful before leading others?


The answer to this question is most effectively illustrated by a tour guide and a clueless tourist. The tourist wants to go to a Japanese temple, and the tour guide, who we’ll name as Maria, claims she knows how. The problem is, Maria only read directions to the temple and has never actually gone there herself! What do you think will happen to the tourist? We can predict a lot of headaches and a frustrating journey for them both!


Getting yourself a sham business coach is also as frustrating as getting an incompetent tour guide. Instead of enjoying the journey and getting to your destination as smoothly as possible, you risk losing your way.


This is the reason that if you want to lead other online tutors into success, you first need to become successful yourself. You first need to know how to get there.


How to become a successful online tutor


Having a successful online tutorial business takes an insane amount of hard work and dedication. You need to be willing to sacrifice a few things along the way if you really want to make it. Hustle day in and out, manage your business hands on and keep learning along the way because the lessons you learn from experience are the very thing you can offer to others.


Also, if you want to get the highest rate of success as possible, get yourself a credible online tutorial business coach. Be meticulous in choosing your business mentor. Choose one who has an experience in online tutoring because that person would have something concrete to offer you.


Another thing you can do is to join high-quality, interactive community for online tutors. Such a community can give you valuable industry tricks and insider tips that will give you an edge. A lot of times, members of our online tutorial community get tips and pieces of advice from another successful online tutor which help them get unstuck. You’ll also get the emotional and practical support that you need to keep grinding.  The best thing about it is it’s free!


Final thoughts: Helping others become a successful online tutor


Helping other tutors have their own successful online tutorial business is a very fulfilling thing to do. I have decided to devote my energy and passion to this very advocacy. One thing that I’ve learned along the way is if you want to lead others to success, you need to be a success yourself because you can’t take others where you have not been.


Next Steps:


If you are looking that supportive community, come join us on Facebook at the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors.


If you are looking to get students for an online tutoring business come join us for a free webinar called 3 Secrets to Getting Online Tutoring Students.


What is your take on being successful in the online tutorial business niche and helping others do the same? Share it with me in the comment section below!

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