Stop! Before You Create Tutoring Business Cards, Read This


Tutoring Business Cards

You’re excited, right?  You have this idea of creating an online tutoring business, and want to create tutoring business cards.  So, you get on the computer, find Vistaprint, and create some amazing ones.  You are so excited about them you want to share them with everyone.

Before you do that though, here are some more important actions you need to take.

  1. Figure out who your ideal client is.
  2. Choose an area to tutor.
  3. Come up with a marketing plan.


Top Mistakes Online Tutors Make with Tutoring Business Cards

Mistake #1- Create way too many business cards.  When you hop onto Vistaprint they will give you quantity discounts, so you think, “I am all in, and I will get 200 or 500.”  In reality what happens is that people have about 10 or 20 in their wallet at all times, and it takes about six months to distribute them.  In the end, they collect dust in their fancy boxes.  How do I know, I have six boxes sitting in my office still. (Dope slap and a sigh of embarrassment).


Mistake #2 – Hand your business cards out to people expecting them to contact you about tutoring.  Wait!  Aren’t we supposed to hand out business cards?  You can try that method, but people will rarely call you back.


Mistake #3 – Hand business cards to friends and family and ask them to pass them out.  It is wishful thinking that your friends and family will hand out business cards for you.  Yes, they love you, but it should be natural when they refer you to other people.  Handing your business card to them doesn’t always feel natural.


Mistake #4 – Create business cards before you have come up with a marketing plan and a marketing message.  Your business should speak to your ideal client, but if you haven’t figured out who your ideal client is yet, then you can’t speak to him or her.


Skip the Mistakes

In the beginning, we all make these mistakes.  So, if you have made them, don’t beat yourself up.  However, if you haven’t made business cards yet, don’t rush to create them.

First, educate yourself on how to market an online tutoring business.  Many people think they know what to do even though they have never had an online business before.

Second, find a mentor that can guide you.  A mentor will make sure that you are putting your efforts and your money in the right places.

As online tutoring business owners, we want to help new online tutors with their businesses and help them succeed quicker than we were able to do ourselves.  So here are some suggestions to fix the above mistakes, even if you haven’t made them yet.


Suggestion #1Only create 100 business cards at most.  This will save you money even if it only costs $5 to get 100 more cards. That $5 will be wasted unless you have taken the time to identify your ideal client and develop your marketing strategy. Instead, use that $5 to invest in your education to learn more about successful strategies that will get you found.

Suggestion #2 – When you hand a tutoring business card out to someone, make sure you collect their information so you can contact him or her.  The odds are not in your favor that they will reach out to you, but if you get their information, they are becoming more committed to the idea of online tutoring.

Suggestion #3 – Instead of giving your business card to your friends and family members, ask if they happen to know anyone that is struggling with the subject area, you tutor.  If they do, then you could ask them to introduce you to their friend either at a coffee shop or via e-mail.  Once you have the other person’s e-mail, you can begin the conversation about what their child is struggling.

Suggestion #4 – Create your marketing plan with a mentor before you create your business card.  When you do this, you will learn who your ideal client is, and your mentor will help you create a message that will speak directly to your ideal client.  Many online tutors think that their experience and education are the most important things to parents who are looking for a tutor, and this couldn’t be further from the truth.  People are looking for a tutor who understands what their child is going through.  They are looking for a tutor who can get results. It is all about the student, not about you.

Not Against Business Cards

So that you know, I am not against tutoring business cards.  In fact, I have even listed them in a previous post as good offline marketing strategies.  You can see it listed in the post I wrote previously called 50 Ways to Advertise your Online Tutoring Business Under $50.  All too often people use them in ways that don’t get the results they want.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Always remember that less is more.
  2. Engage with your potential client.
  3. Get a mentor

Following these simple tips will get more people saying “Yes” to you as their online tutor.

If you are looking for more ways to get online tutoring students join us on Tuesday for a free webinar called 3 Secrets to Get Online Tutoring Students.  You will learn a lot and not have to make the same mistakes other online tutors have made in the beginning.

Have you ever had an awkward encounter when someone handed you a business card?  I’d love to hear it. Share below in the comments section.


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  1. These are such good points for anyone who is considering making business cards, Joanne! I might have a few boxes of unused business cards around here, too. :)

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