Flocabulary: Favorite Resource for Reading Tutoring Online


When I do reading tutoring online, I get an amazing opportunity to pick and choose the best resources to close the gap for my students.

One of the top questions I get from other online tutors is, “What are the best resources to use to teach online?”

When it comes to teaching vocabulary and fluency, my absolute favorite tool is Flocabulary.

Flocabulary uses hip-hop to teach the meanings of new words.

In this post, I am going to highlight how I use it to teach vocabulary and fluency.


Flocabulary for Teaching Vocabulary

The first way I use it is to teach the meanings of new words.  The more words a student understands, the more a student can comprehend when he or she reads.

  1. Ask which words the student knows the meaning of.
  2. Listen to the song.
  3. Have the student read through the song.
  4. Find the meanings of the words the child is working on in the song.
  5. Teach each word using the picture, definition, and sentence on the right hand of the screen.
  6. Use the quiz to decide which words the student understands and which words need to be reviewed.

Flocabulary for Teaching Fluency 

The second way that I use Flocabulary is to help kids read faster.  When students automatically recognize a word, they are able to retain more of what they are reading.  Here are the steps I use to teach it.

  1. Listen to the song.
  2. Read the song.
  3. Sing the song at the slowest speed.
  4. Sing the song at the slow speed.
  5. Sing the song at original speed.
  6. Read the song.

Using this strategy allows kids to train their eyes and their mouths to move quicker than what they are used to on their own.

To check out more details on how I use these strategies for reading tutoring online check out this video.

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  1. I think this sounds like a great tool for ESL online tutors too. I can see how this would help students build their vocabulary in a fun way. Have you tried this with any ELL students?

    • Yes, all the time. Any of my students that struggle with learning new vocabulary really benefit from this tool.

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