6 Tips on How to Create a Great Profile in My New Online Tutor Directory


Hey, everyone! As you know, I have launched a new online tutor directory for tutors like you! This directory will make it super easy for you to get found, a platform that you can use as you want to get more students.


As this directory is pretty simple to use, there are some things you can do to maximize your chances of success in it. I want to help you get more students with less effort and time, so here I will give you six tips on how to create a good profile in our new online tutor directory:


  1. Use a great photo


Research results reveal that a good profile picture increases the chances of getting clicked and checked out in any online directories. Nobody wants to work with an avatar or a cat or even with your baby, so make sure you display a decent profile picture showing your face.


So, what’s a great photo? A great photo is well-lit, has a plain background, doesn’t use any filters, and conveys an overall positive feeling. Ideally, the photo must look professional and friendly at the same time. This will convey that even though you’re competent, you’re also friendly, so your potential clients will feel comfortable enough to contact you.


  1. Use a clear and concise headline


Write a catchy and concise headline that will tell your students what exactly it is that you do. Are you a Math teacher? Then say so without any fluff.


Be direct to the point, and please leave out the long list of your past job experiences and qualifications. To be frank, nobody cares about that! You just need to show and tell how you can help your students, and a concise headline will help you with that.


  1. Empathize with your students’ struggles


In your introduction, it is good to empathize with your students. Tell them what you know about their problems and how you understand the hardships that they are facing. For example, if you are targeting dyslexic students, you need to make their parents feel like you know what they are going through and you know how you can help. This will certainly increase your chances of getting hired. It gives a subtle yet powerful impression that you care. People work with people who care.


  1. Have a 100% perfect grammar


Having grammatical lapses in your introduction and anywhere in your profile decreases your credibility as a teacher! Even if you teach Math, which has nothing to do with grammar, it is still a no-no to have even the slightest grammatical or typographical error. Have your profile proofread by someone you trust, or you may use proofreading tools such as a free web extension called “Grammarly” which automatically checks on your grammar as you type.


  1. Share testimonies from your previous students


As said above, a teacher’s effectiveness is not measured by his/her certifications. Testimonies on how you have helped improve the academic performance of your previous students say it all. So, my advice is instead of talking too much about who you are as a teacher, it is better to generously talk about who your students are and how you are able to help them. Share success stories because what potential clients want to know is if you can deliver results.


  1. Optimize your profile with keywords


Keywords account for half of the success of any online marketing. If you want to maximize your chance of getting found by potential students, you need to use keywords that clearly express what you offer as a tutor. Maybe you are an English tutor that offers affordable services, so you can optimize your profile for the keyword “affordable English tutor.” You need to use this keyword in your headline and description and multiple times in your profile as well.


If you do these tips properly and consistently, you will have more chances of getting more views and eventually getting fully booked.  Just click here and add your profile today.  http://becomeanonlinetutor.com/business-directory/

Do you have any more tips to enhance your chances in our online directory for online tutors? Comment below and share it with us!



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