Building Online Tutoring Websites To Attract More Traffic And Gain Credibility


Many start-up tutors are content in building a painfully basic website for their business. However, having such a website may not actualize success for them. Here is why:


  1. Basic websites are not attractive. The fonts, color themes, and photos used seem to be outdated.
  2. Basic websites lack valuable content and usually appear to be just plain profiles that do not offer much for the viewers.
  3. Basic websites do not appear credible and trustworthy.
  4. Basic websites are not getting found because they are not search engine optimized.
  5. Basic websites do not incorporate any business building technologies.

online tutoring websites

Essential Elements of Great Online Tutoring Websites


Here, I am going to share the essential elements of a website that can drive your success in the world of an online tutoring business.


  1. Has an effective modern web design


One of the questions I frequently receive from tutors is, “How does my website look?”.


This question is not just about how aesthetically appealing a website is or isn’t. Rather, it is also a question about how purposeful, usable, and impactful a website is. As the late Apple CEO put it,


For the aesthetic appeal of your website, choose simplicity. Choose simple yet effective themes for typefaces, colors, and layouts.


Also, always use photos with HD quality. Never use low-quality photos because they look unprofessional. For my website, I use an HD photo of New York City’s skyline as the background, so the photo must be large enough for it to not appear pixelated.


  1. Has valuable content that people trust


Your goal is not just to make potential clients click the link to your website. Your goal is to make them stay and read on. So, make your website relevant and user-friendly by putting up useful sections for relevant content.


The home page of my website only has specific elements. I made sure that it is not overcrowded with irrelevant details. It has an introductory video that automatically plays so visitors will immediately have the grasp on who I am and what services I offer.


I also have there a sign-up form where interested clients can have an email subscription to my 20 Reading Tip videos for free. This serves as a great strategy to collect email addresses and fire-up content marketing.


My content is divided into 5 other sections: FAQ, ABOUT, CONTACT, SUCCESS STORIES, and BLOG.

website for online tutoring business


According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI),

which, in my case is discussed in the FAQ.


Also, 61% of the respondents would like to see the About page of a website. The About page is critical in building the credibility of your website. When you have captured the interest of the client with your products/services, the client usually clicks on the About page to get to know who you are.


It is also very strategic for a tutoring business to publish success stories. I noticed that many tutoring websites post testimonials that are hidden in a code name. This may be interpreted as fraud and may definitely forfeit the purpose of the testimonials.


CMI research revealed that names of people associated with photographs help clients to “connect the dots” across the internet, that’s why most people get to trust websites that are transparent with these kinds of information. So if you have a parent or a student out there who is willing to have their success story published together with their complete name and profile, grab the chance!


Interestingly, the study also found out that

Knowing this, having a Contact page is definitely a must.


  1. A good website has a high SERP ranking


Make sure you’re using business building technologies on your website like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Adwords. These will aid you in analyzing your traffic and determining what are the things that you need to build up or improve on.


Landing on the first page of the Search Results Page (SERP) involves a great deal of optimizing your website through SEO. This involves (but is not limited to) using effective keywords, optimized URL, meta descriptions, and meta titles.


Further, ever asked why businesses bother to put out valuable content? It is because content is king. According to author David Amerland,


One of my strategies in maintaining my current SERP ranking is to keep my content up to date. This is where blogging serves its purpose. I regularly post new blog articles or videos to make my website on top of the game because Google loves brand new, valuable content.


Credibility is critical to your success


I find this image worth sharing. To establish credibility, make sure to provide the top 6 content assets: (1) a thorough contact or “About” information, (2) articles, (3) success stories/testimonials, (4) photos, (5) research reports, and (6) blog posts.

Online tutoring websitesSource:

Build on the credibility of your website. For us online tutors, credibility is everything. We don’t want to stain our reputation just because a little contact information is missing from our website, or just because a client’s name or picture was not published in the testimonials. Bear in mind that a so-so website will yield us nothing but a so-so result.


What are your thoughts? Please share.

Here is a video clip where you I show you some visuals about the different content that is needed on a website to build credibility.


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  1. Hello Joanne,

    Great tips over here :)

    Tutoring web sites always are in demand.

    People love to visit these sites, as they can learn a lot of new things from here.

    But the website should be catchy, even if one is delivering the best from their side.

    I too get fly away from the website that looks messy or are over done with graphics.

    Thanks for the share.

    Have a great week ahead.


    • Thanks, Shantanu. Your website is your brand and too much can really distract people and make them want to exit very quickly. It is essentially our first impression.

  2. Joanne is an amazing mentor for tutors and this post is a good example of the fantastic advice and supoort she gives. I highly recommend getting onboard and joining in to take advantage of the support Joanne can give – I know it is one of the best business decisions I have made!

  3. I think this post points out some really valuable things, especially the idea of simplicity on a homepage. I used Joanne’s advice on having a simple intro video and free resource with an opt-in form. It’s much better than what I had before, which was a great looking background and text.

    And “About Me”, pages are really important. I spent as much time writing that page as I did working on my homepage because it’s the second most viewed page on your website. I’ve seen many “About Me” pages that read like a resume.
    Suzanne Davis recently posted…VOCABULARY MIND MAPS 101: How to Increase Your Academic Vocabulary and Make Your Writing Fun to ReadMy Profile

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