The Power of Article Content Marketing



One of your business goals in running an online tutoring service is to get as many people as possible to your website. You want to establish your brand and make it known. So how would you do it?


Boost Your SERP Ranking through Content


Studies show that most people trust brands that appear on the first page of search results page (SERP). In fact, according to Cleveland SEO Services, almost 95% of SERP clicks happen on page one results. So if you would like your business to be known, you must increase your search results ranking. You must start to invest on boosting traffic to your website.


There are many ways of boosting your SERP ranking. You may pay advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, or you may also opt to hire an SEO specialist to optimize and traffic-boost your website.


But just recently, I have discovered that Article Content Marketing is another powerful method to increase traffic to my website. Upon implementation of Article Content Marketing, I was surprised as to how the results have been mind blowing!


What is Article Content Marketing



As Forbes says, in today’s digitized and virtualized world, “content is king.” For your online tutorial business to wield dominance among your competitors’ rankings in Google, investing in content marketing is a necessity.


It is important for an article to reach out to your potential clients effectively. An effective article is something that has a powerful conversion potential.


Think of it as an investment. Viral content may drive profits that can greatly compensate for the money you paid in marketing it.



How to Start Marketing Content


Creating a viral article content is not a level of knowledge that comes through an overnight process. Of course, I am not an expert on this either. So what I did was to tap the experts in this field.


I searched for blogging sites with the most number of readers, and I messaged them to know if they would be interested in featuring my tutoring business in their blog site. Fortunately, they agreed to the idea, and they were very much willing to write the article themselves.


By doing this, content about your online tutoring business will have a greater chance to land with a higher SERP ranking.


Take more risky steps by tapping websites that are seemingly not related to tutorial business.


Take for example my experience with Penny Hoarders. It is the largest money-saving blog in the world. At first, it appeared to me that Penny Hoarders would have nothing to do with my business. But after searching for SEO suggestions, I decided to give it a shot and messaged them. I did not expect that the results would turn out really good!


They featured my business in a couple of their blogs. And the numbers of people wanting to subscribe to our support group had increase incredibly!


Start Doing Content Marketing


To boost online exposure for your tutoring business, start investing in content marketing. Having your business featured in popular websites will definitely give you remarkable results! Are you convinced to give this a shot? Watch the video where I talk about this and Comment below.

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    • I used tools like this to find ones that accepted guest posts and backlinks. Feel free to click on what you want and a list of resources will be available for your budget and needs. The one I submitted to said they took guest post submissions, but they did not. They had their own writers, so I got lucky on this one.

  1. As Suzanne rightly said, this is an amazing idea Joanne. But how to get the names the bloggers who would be interested in writing about our websites in their blog posts? Which tool should I use?

    • Type in “guest post submissions” in google, then type the area you are looking for whether math teachers, homeschoolers, parents. This will give you a host of choices to take a look at.

  2. Hello Joanne,

    Great piece of information over here :)

    Frankly speaking, this is something new concept for to learn over from your web site. Article content writing.

    I am always afraid to ask for that, approaching top bloggers and ask them to feature about me and my web site. Even if
    we are interacting regularly.

    I would be giving this a shot and want to see what results I am getting.

    Thanks for the share.


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