Get the Best Online Tutoring Software for Only $12.95 a Month: My School Books


Have you ever found yourself double booking students because you lost track of your schedule and did not have a proper online tutoring software management tool?


Ever hated the tax season because you had to dig through the mountain of your financial reports again?


With all of the administrative duties that come with maintaining an online tutorial business, it’s easy to get lost.


You’re not alone! I also had to deal with all sorts of headaches that come with the job. Right now, I use a ton of applications and software to help me manage my tutoring business. I use Gmail for my emails, Paypal for online payment, Wix for my website, and a lot of others that are all over the place.


But what if I tell you that there’s a tutor management software that combines all of these tasks into one?


I just discovered My School Books a few days ago, and I have to say, it seems like the perfect solution for online tutors’ administrative nightmares!

online tutoring software


What is My School Books?


My School Books is an online tutoring software management tool that aims to be the number one solution for tutors’ most pressing needs such as student and schedule management; keeping track of payments, revenue, and expenses; and creating a professional looking website.


In fact, she has awarded it the Best of the Best Resource award for Online Tutors.

It has a lot of other amazing features. Let’s go through some of them!


Six Basic Features of My School Books


  1. Student Portal for Managing Your Students


The student portal is one of the best features of My School Books. Here, you can send email and SMS lesson reminders to your students which are a great solution to the common problem of no-shows.


Your students can also access the portal so they can register and cancel lessons on their own. This takes the burden of countless calls and messages off of you.


Your students can also leave notes and questions for you so you won’t have to wait a whole week before you can address them.


Further, if you’ve lent a material to one of your students, you can record and track to whom you lent it to and when is it due back.


  1. Parent Portals to Keep Parents Involved


Parents also have their own portals which look a bit different from the student portal. If they have multiple children under you, they can view each of their kid’s tutorial info inside the portal.


To make it even more convenient for them, they can view their family account and balance and even make online payments right inside the portal.


  1. An Intuitive Calendar for Your Complex Schedule


Maintaining an updated and clear calendar is also challenging for most of us because students sometimes request for a change in schedule, you have something unexpected come up, and all sorts of crazies.

Tutor management software
In My School Books, the built-in calendar is quite easy to use. You can select a time block and enter your scheduled student, location, and other notes. The calendar makes it easy to track your students’ attendance, record and email lesson notes, and even organize your schedule by subjects and other custom categories.


Moreover, if you own a large tutorial business, you can create a schedule for each of your tutors to avoid problems like double booking the student, the tutor, or the location.


  1. Easy Invoicing for Your Billing Needs


Who among you had problems with coming up with a professional looking and accurate invoice? I know I did!


My School Books comes with a feature that automatically generates a customized invoice. You can set it to generate for any date range and frequency, so you won’t havetutor management software any problems if you bill every month or every two weeks.


The software is also integrated with Stripe and PayPal for faster online and credit card transactions. Parents can even store their credit cards on file to enable auto-pay.


  1. Track Your Expenses and Revenue


Say bye to your bookkeeping woes! In My School Books, you can also import expenses and generate expenses reports during tax season. What used to be a headache-inducing task can now be as simple as one click!

online tutoring softwareYou can also get an overview of your revenue and expenses in any given month, so you can better keep track of the financial side of your business.



  1. Get Your Own Hosted Website!


I always tell my members this: more people are turning online to look for the services they need, so your potential clients are almost always surely looking for you online. This underscores your need for a great website.


I personally use Wix to build my website, but I wonder how easier things would have been if I had just used My School Books! This software comes with its own drag-and-drop website builder, so you can have your very own website in minutes!


The website builder comes with templates that are well designed, so you just select the template that you want, drag and drop the media elements like photos and videos, and add text.


You can either use their subdomain (which means that your web address will look like this: or you can purchase your custom domain somewhere else (which will remove the .myschoolbook part!).online tutoring software


The website will also come with a new student sign-up form. This will come in handy in catching new clients for you! If you already have a website like me, My School Books offers a widget that you can use to have the new student sign-up form on your website.


Whoa, that was a lot for one piece of online tutoring software!


I didn’t ever expect to come across a tutor management software that’s as intuitive and complete as this. I would never have imagined this was possible. My School Books basically combined virtually all of the software you’ll need to get started as an online tutor, so there really are no more excuses!


How much will it cost? Well, you can start a 30-day free trial if you first want to see if it works for you (no credit cards needed). If you like it and decide to sign up, you just have to pay $12.95 per month if you’re a single teacher. For multi-tutor schools, each additional tutor is $3.95. Now that’s cheap!


My School Books offers a whole lot more of features for online tutors. If you want to see a live demo of this tutor management software, watch this video!


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