Bitpaper: The Best FREE Online Tutoring Software Whiteboard


The Best Online Tutoring Software Whiteboard


We have a new winner for the Best Resource Award for Online Tutors, and it’s none other than Bitpaper, an online tutoring software whiteboard for online tutors.


For those who are new here, I am giving out an award to the best resources that online tutors and teachers can use to make their lives a tad bit easier. Click here to find out how I choose the winners of this award.


So What Is Bitpaper?


Bitpaper is an online whiteboard that aims to blow all of the other online whiteboards out of the water by providing an advanced yet user-friendly tutorial software.


Here are 3 main things you need to know about Bitpaper:


  1. It is browser-based. Unlike other online whiteboards, you won’t have to install Bitpaper on your computer, so you can use it on any device. You’ll save space, too.
  2. It is intended for college tuition. The interface is basic and simple, something that preschoolers would call “boring.” The features are also tailored to college students. This is perfect if you teach Math to college students.
  3. It never slows down. No matter how much you write on it or how many boards you have open, Bitpaper will not slow down. This makes it unbeatable for hours-long sessions.


10 Amazing Features of Bitpaper


Let’s have a rundown of the powerful features of Bitpaper to help you decide if it’s right for you.


  1. It’s super quick to start. Starting a session in Bitpaper is super simple. Once you’re on their homepage, io, click “Sign Up”. Create an account using your Facebook, Gmail, or any email account. Once that’s done, you will see this:


The Best Online Tutoring Software Whiteboard

In the text field, just type what you want to call the paper. For illustration purposes, I typed in “English 101.” Once you’re done with that, you will be taken here:

The Best Online Tutoring Software Whiteboard

This is what they call a “board.” You’ll see your cursor and the cursor of your students. You can immediately try writing or doodling anything you want just to test if it’s easy enough to write on.


  1. You can create an unlimited number of boards. Once you’ve created a “paper,” you can create as many boards as you’d like. See that little green rectangle with #1 at the top right corner of the image? If you click the arrow, it will create another board with #2. Clicking on that will take you to the board you’ve just created.


You can quickly switch to different boards as you progress with the lesson, much like turning the pages of a printed material.


  1. The boards have infinite space. What’s frustrating about other online whiteboards is you’ll soon run out of spaces to write, forcing you to erase some of the board content or create a new one.


You won’t have to deal with that with Bitpaper!

You can just use the “Hand” tool at the bottom of the screen and drag the current content out of the screen. Neat!


  1. You can write, add text, and add shapes. It has all the basic features you would expect from an online whiteboard. You can draw and write using the cursor. There’s also a built-in text editor with preset mathematical symbols to help with your equations.


  1. You can easily get the share URL of the board. To invite students to join you, just look for the little green Plus User icon at the bottom left of the screen. Click that, and you’ll get the share URL for the board.


  1. It has a built-in audio and video calling feature. If you don’t like using too many software apps while teaching, this is a great feature for you. Just below the Plus User icon is a telephone icon which allows you to initiate an audio or video call.


  1. You can paste any screenshot on the Bitpaper board. While teaching, many tutors use external content as their main teaching material. For example, you may be using a PDF or a powerpoint presentation as your main material.


Getting a screenshot of that material and placing it inside the Bitpaper board is a nice way of using the material as a starting point and guide for the session. To do that, here are some instructions:


For Mac users:

Hit ⌘ + CTRL + SHIFT + 4 to snip any part of the material, go back to Bitpaper, and paste ⌘+V. Adjust the image as you want, and then double-click it to add to the board.


For Windows users:

Windows does not have the same functionality, so you need to download Windows Creator from the Windows website. Once that’s installed, press Windows Key + Shift + S to snip any part of your screen. Press CTRL + V to paste onto the Bitpaper board.


  1. You can import external content such as PDFs, powerpoint presentations, and images. Using the Open File icon at the bottom right of the screen, you can add your primary teaching materials to make it easier to refer to them throughout the lesson.


Once you’ve notated on the material, you can then export it as a PDF using the PDF icon just below the Open File icon. This functionality is great for solving questionnaires or exams. Note that the aspect ratio of a portrait file may be altered since the board is in a landscape file.


  1. There are hotkeys to make it easier to use. Bitpaper comes with hotkeys that are designed to help you move faster within the software. For example, holding SHIFT will enable you to draw a straight line and to fix aspect ratios of shapes. Pressing F will turn the board into Full-Screen mode, and pressing T will hide the taskbar.


  1. You won’t lose your notes no matter what. Ever experienced accidentally closing your browser and losing all of the notes you’ve made in an online whiteboard? Bitpaper protects you from that. Even if you accidentally refresh or close your browser or had a power outage or Internet connection problem, your notes will stay put.


  1. Papers are shareable. When you share a saved paper to a student, that student will have his/her own copy or version of the paper which they can then share with others.


Bitpaper is The Ultimate Online Whiteboard Tutorial Software


Wow! With all of those features, it’s hard not to see why Bitpaper is the best online tutoring software whiteboard for online tutors. Its simple yet intuitive interface makes it super easy for us to conduct a hassle-free lesson.


Plus, it’s FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Go to and give it a try!


If you want to watch Leo Evans, the co-founder of Bitpaper, share the features of Bitpaper and some pretty amazing tips for online tutors in general, watch this video:



If you are interested in getting access to the entire conference, you can click here and find out what some of the other best resources are for tutors.

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