Here’s your first look at a Desktop Wallpaper Organizer for Tutors 2018


It is the New Year and I always love to start off with a clean desktop.  In fact, here is what my workspace looks like since I have cleaned it off.


Organized desktop


Before I head off to Massachusetts I make sure to do a thorough clean job.  I take everything off of my desk.  I decide what will make it back to my desk, what will get thrown away and what will get put away.


This year I found a ton of post-it notes.  They were my to-do lists. I love post-it notes.


Then one day I was roaming Instagram and I saw another teacher who had created a desktop wallpaper organizer.  This idea struck me as brilliant and I knew instantly that I not only needed to create one for myself but everyone in our community.


Here is what it looks like.

Desktop wallpaper Organzier

How Desktop Wallpaper Organizer Works


I know your thinking, how does this thing work?  Well, it is simple.  All you do is drag your icons on your desktop to the appropriate post-it note.


If you are working on something, put it on the to-do list.  If it is a great idea that you want to work on, but it is not a high priority action, drag it to big ideas.


Here is what mine looks like on my desktop.



What about documents that don’t fit into any of these categories?


Great question!  The answer is simple, you put it into a folder that is not on your desktop.


When you clean up your desktop to work, like I did, you need to decide if you want to keep it, throw it away, or put it away.  If a document does not fit on this wallpaper, then it is time to throw it in the trash or put it into the appropriate folder.


My free gift for you is a download of this desktop wallpaper organizer.  All you need to do is click below, add your name and e-mail, and it is yours.



This month we are going to be having our Dream Big conference, so if you are curious about the kinds of things that you can put under big ideas, you will definitely want to stay tuned.





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