Attention Online Tutorpreneurs: How Does Affiliate Program Work?


Affiliate Marketing How To

Do you want to help other online tutors succeed, and earn money at the same time?

I created the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors and its programs to teach online tutors how to develop their businesses. This community has helped many online tutors succeed, and it’s continuing to grow every day.


Now, I’ve started an affiliate program so online tutors can earn extra money promoting the Insiders Secrets Club.  So, how does affiliate program work?  Watch this video and read this post to see.



In this post, I explain what affiliate marketing is, how the affiliate program for the Insiders Secrets Club works, how you can become an affiliate sponsor for the group, and how you will earn money as an affiliate.


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is where one person (the affiliate) promotes a vendor’s service or product to another person and that person buys the vendor’s product.  Affiliates promote a product by sharing a link.


An affiliate has a customized link so that vendors know what person to pay.


There are 7 steps in the affiliate marketing process.


Affiliate Marketing How To

  1. First, a visitor arrives at a website, social media post or wherever you have a placed a sharing link.
  2. Then the visitor clicks on a customized link.
  3. A cookie is installed on the visitor’s device so that anytime the visitor purchases a product from the vendor, you will get a commission.
  4. The link takes the visitor to the vendor’s website, and the visitor clicks on the “buy now” link.
  5. Next, the vendor reads the cookie from the visitor’s device.
  6. The visitor pays the vendor.
  7. You earn a commission from that sale!




How Does Affiliate Program Work for The Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors?


The goal of this affiliate program is to get online tutors to join the Insider Secrets Club.  I’ve created a sales funnel that leads people to join the Insiders Secrets Club.


The sales funnel usually starts with the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors Facebook Group or The Become an Online Tutor Blog.   Both lead people to the free “3 Secrets to Getting Online Tutoring Students” call.


The “3 Secrets to Getting Online Tutoring Students” call is what leads people to join the Insider Secrets Club.  Then, when someone pays to join the Insiders Secrets Club, you receive a 30% commission.  Thirty days after the person makes a payment, you will get paid.


This process works with other programs that are part of the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors too, such as the Tutorpreneur Program or Reading Interventionist Program.   If you have taken either of these programs you can become an affiliate sponsor for them too.


Getting Started with the Affiliate Program


First, you will sign-up for affiliate program at


Fill out the form completely, and make sure you include the email associated with your PayPal account.   Then you’ll receive a confirmation email.  Click on that link and you’ll see a page with your own share links for different parts of the sales funnel

affiliate marketing links


Copy and paste your customized links into places you want to share and post them.  The most profitable of the links is the “3 Secrets to Getting Online Tutoring Students” call.   On average, 50%-60% of the people who attend this call join the Insiders Secrets Club.

You increase your chances of making more money by promoting this share link.

Here are some ideas of where you can post information about the “3 Secrets to Getting Online Tutoring Students” call:

  1. Facebook page, profile, groups
  2. Twitter
  3. Email list
  4. Friends interested in online tutoring
  5. LinkedIn updates, groups
  6. Create a blog post about your experience in our group, and share your special code.
  7. Mention you’re a member of this group in your freebie
  8. E-book
  9. Guest Blogging
  10. Place the “Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors” image on your website. There is a code with your share link associated with this image. When a person clicks on the image it will take them to the group.



Getting Paid as an Affiliate

Here is how payment for the affiliate program works:


  1. You post or send a customized share link (e.g. Become an Online Tutor Blog, 3 Secrets to Getting Online Tutoring Students, A Specific Program) to someone interested in becoming an online tutor.
  2. The link saves a cookie on that person’s computer or device.
  3. Any time that person purchases a product you get 30% commission.
  4. After 30 days of the transaction, you will automatically get a payout in your PayPal account. This is because I have a 30 Day Full Refund Guarantee, so people can change their minds about what they buy.


Rules for being an affiliate:  If you share a customized link to the Facebook Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors then you do not need to mention that you’re an affiliate.  But once you share you a link to a place with a landing page (Like the 3 Secrets Call) then you need to state that you’re an affiliate.


In this case, you could mention you’re an affiliate because you are a member of the group, or have taken a specific program, class etc.  And you found that program really helped you.  A good rule for being an affiliate is to know and believe in what you promote.




When I first started online tutoring, I envisioned creating a program where online tutors could develop their businesses every step of the way.   I’m thrilled by how much this community continues to grow and support other Tutorpreneurs.  It’s a community that benefits all its members.  I’m excited to see it become a profit-sharing community for online tutors.


Did the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors help you with your business?  Then join the affiliate program, and earn money promoting the Insiders Secrets Club, or any other programs I teach.


Do you have any questions on how does affiliate program work?   Please post them below.


Sign up now to be an affiliate at




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