SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLAN EXAMPLE 101: How to Attract Online Tutoring Students


Social Media Marketing Plan Example 101

Do you know how to get online tutoring students?


One of the first questions online tutors ask me is “How do I attract online tutoring students?”


Social Media marketing Plan Example

You attract them by building an online presence.


This can seem overwhelming.  But, a solid social media marketing strategy helps you create and grow your online presence.  In this post, I show you a social media marketing plan example that will guide you as you develop your own social media strategy.


And when you have a social media marketing plan you’ll know the social media networks you should use, and the content you should create and spread to attract online tutoring students.


Are you ready to create your social media marketing plan?



How do you Create a Social Media Marketing Plan Example

Select the Social Media Platforms You Will Use


There are many social media platforms to choose from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram.  It’s daunting.   But you don’t need to be on every social media network.  You can and should narrow down this list and be strategic.


Two things go into choosing the best social networks for your plan:  know your ideal client and know yourself.


Describe Your Ideal Client


Take some time and brainstorm who your ideal client is and what he or she wants and needs.  Keep in mind your ideal client isn’t always a student.  An ideal client could be a parent.  Your ideal client is the person paying for your services.  Once you know who that person is you’ll have a better understanding of the social media they use.


Also, think about the age range of your ideal client. Age helps you determine the social media networks(s) your ideal client uses.  Look at the demographics of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.  Where are you likely to find your ideal client? Those places are where you want to have an active social media presence.


Understand Yourself


Look at the social media networks you already use.  Which ones are you comfortable with?  Which ones are you most excited about using?  What social media networks do you have the most knowledge of?


Include these places in your social media marketing plan.  You already understand the types of content and posts that get shared.  And you know how to connect with other people on those networks.


At the end of this process, you’ll know what social media networks are the best choice for your online tutoring business.  Put all your marketing effort into those.


Then shuffle your content out to other social media places.   And, as you gain confidence, add other networks.


Figure Out What Kind of Content You Will Be Creating

There are two major things you should consider when creating content:

  1. Types of content that does well on the social media networks you have chosen.
  2. Content that’s relevant to your ideal client’s needs and desires.


Create Content for the Social Media Network(s) You Use.


Different types of content do well on different social media. So what content performs well on the ones you’ve chosen?


Right now, blog posts do not do as well on Facebook as video posts.   But


And what are the norms for the social networks you use? LinkedIn is business-focused.  There is an expectation of professional content over “fun” content.  There is also a difference in how you write posts on LinkedIn compared to Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Notice what others are doing.  Evaluate what is successful and unsuccessful.


There are great tools to help you create different types of content for social media networks.

  • Canva has templates you can use for different types of social media content.
  • Word Swag is useful for quotes and words over images (great for Instagram).
  • Quote Covers is another tool useful for words over images.
  • Facebook Live lets you live stream videos on Facebook. Live videos have a higher reach than other posts on a Facebook business page.
  • Messenger Bots are great for keeping in contact with your followers, so you can bring more attention to your live videos, content and any promotions you have on Facebook.


Create Content That Attracts Your Ideal Client


Knowing the type of content that does well on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is half the equation.  You also must create content your ideal client wants and needs.   A viral infographic on Pinterest is wonderful, but it needs to be something your ideal client is searching for.  Otherwise, it will be hard for him or her to find it.


I like to create videos and put them on YouTube.  My ideal client searches for solutions to his or her problems on YouTube directly.  My videos have content that informs or helps him or her solve those problems.   And that attracts my ideal client to me.


Here is a video on this topic that you can take a look at.



I spread my videos to different places such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  I also take the content of my videos and repurpose it so that I can use it on other social media networks.


YouTube is a huge part of my social media strategy.  My videos are easy to find, and because I’ve researched what my clients are looking for it’s easier for me to get found on Page 1.   I teach the specific strategies for how to get your content found in my course Google Hacks.


If you want to learn more about Instagram, then check out this post on how to use Instagram for your online tutoring business. 




Social media marketing is challenging (especially when you’re starting out and new to online marketing). If you feel confused by it, or nervous that is normal.  But, you won’t build an online presence that attracts tutoring students if you aren’t active on social media.


The good news is that a social media marketing strategy guides you. It makes it easier for you to take action, build your online presence, and get online tutoring students.  So, look at this social media marketing plan example and then start building your online presence!


To help you get started, I have created 3 tools to help you create a winning social media plan.  There is also a social media marketing plan example in one of the documents to get an idea of how to put all of this together.




Joanne Kaminski is an online reading tutor and online tutor business coach.  She helps other tutors and teachers start and grow their online tutoring business.  If you would like to join a group of online tutors that collaborate together vs. compete against each other we have a free group on Facebook we would like to invite you to.  It is called the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors.  Join today and begin getting answers to your questions.

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  1. Great post!
    Thanks! I have read your post……….totally exceptional!
    It’s called the skyscraper technique: Find great existing content and make it better. In other words, improve on the best. Boosting your content quality should be priority No. 1 for excelling in your content marketing efforts.

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