Attention Online ESL Tutors: Off2Class Wins the Best Resource Award 2018!


Off2ClassIf you’re an online ESL tutor you’d be crazy not to try Off2Class.


This week I was thrilled to give the Tutorpreneur Best Resource Award 2018 to Off2Class.


I interviewed Chris Rush, one of the creators of Off2Class, and he explained what makes it a great teaching solution for online ESL tutors.


Off2Class is a one of a kind teaching platform for online ESL tutors.  It provides online tutors with ESL lessons and content, and a student management system.


Online ESL tutors love this resource because Off2Class has lessons on grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing.  They have a wide selection of English lessons they can tailor to their students’ specific language needs and goals.  And now schools and in-person tutors use Off2Class too.


In my interview with Chris Rush, he describes how Off2Class got started, how it helps tutors and their students, and how online ESL tutors use Off2Class.


How Off2Class Got Started

Off2Class was created because individual ESL tutors needed English materials they could use in their lessons.  Chris Rush is an online Business English tutor and he wanted materials that were fast, convenient and inexpensive.  Off2Class was originally designed to help him and the other creators prepare for lessons.


Then they thought it would be great for other individual online ESL tutors.


Chris explained, “We [teachers] spend all this time pouring our hearts and souls into these lesson plans.  And then we’re at some point you’ve got to sit back and say, ‘Oh man, this takes a really long time to plan these lessons.’  So, we’ve designed Off2Class, so you can get some of that time back.”


Tutors can focus more on teaching their students, and less on searching for and preparing ESL materials.


Advantages of Off2Class for Tutors and Students

Off2Class helps online ESL tutors assess their students’ strengths and needs. So, tutors can have a personalized learning plan for each student.


What makes Off2Class unique is the placement test for new students.  Before a tutor begins working with a student, that tutor can assign him or her the placement test.   The tutor sends a student the link to the test so he or she can take it.


The placement test has 100 English grammar questions and speaking, listening, reading and writing sections.  When the student finishes the exam, the tutor gets a report of what the student got wrong, and a learning plan that matches the student’s mistakes with the ESL lessons that cover those areas.


There are over 670 lessons in grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing.  And the lesson library continues to grow!


But how do these ESL lessons apply to students learning Business English or other English for Specific Purposes (ESP) subject areas?


Chris uses Off2Class with his Business English students.  He found that almost 95% of what he teaches his students comes from the lessons in Off2Class.  Then he adds additional materials that are specific to business in his lessons.


Chris uses a feature called Canvas which is like a whiteboard.  Tutors can upload screenshots, videos, images etc. to the Canvas.   So, when you’re tutoring, you can add other things that suit the needs of your students.  Every lesson in Off2Class has the Canvas.


Check out the interview here to learn more about some of the advantages.


Tutoring Students in Off2Class

You can use Off2Class with any video conferencing platform, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc.  You go inside of Off2Class and open the lesson and you’ll see the lesson and teacher notes.  Teacher notes give you guidance on how to teach the lessons.


There are 2 ways you can use Off2Class to tutor your student:


  1. Use the screen sharing option in Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype, and show the student the slides. You’ll see the teacher notes, but if you don’t want students to see them click on “expand the view.”  Your students will only see the lesson slides.
  2. Have your students log into Off2Class. You’ll give students a link to the lesson.  Your students will be able to interact with you during the lesson.  So, if you have a gap fill exercise your students can write answers instead of you doing all the writing for them.  And your students won’t see the teacher notes!


Off2Class lessons are designed to be teacher-led.  But, you can assign your students homework too.


Off2Class Plans


If you want to use Off2Class there are 2 decisions you need to make when choosing a plan.  The first decision is if you want to get the business account with the white label feature.


Off2Class has a white label option where you can have your own logo on all your lesson slides and Off2Class materials.  This replaces the Off2Class logo, and instead of students going to the Off2Class site for lessons your domain will host Off2Class.  Students will go to your website and log in there.  It looks very professional.


White labeling is very expensive elsewhere.  At one place this feature costs around $18,000!  At Off2Class the white label option is a one-time payment of $550.


The second decision is what subscription plan you want to select for using Off2Class.  There are 3 options: light, medium and heavy.  You choose the plan based on how many students you’re tutoring.


You can find all the details about the plans at   There’s also a 30-day free trial.



Off2Class is a great resource for online ESL tutors.  It was created by online ESL tutors for online ESL tutors.  Everything is based on the ESL perspective.  But the lessons in Off2Class would also work for reading tutors if they’re working with children or adolescents.


It helps you assess your students and gives you great lessons that meet their specific needs and learning goals.  And Off2Class saves you time on planning tutoring sessions, so you can focus more on teaching.  If you’re an online ESL tutor, you would be crazy not to check it out.  (Oh, and if you’re a reading tutor investigate it too.)


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