Best of the Best Resource Award

Best Resource Award 2018

As I’ve mentioned to you guys before, I am creating an award for people with the best resources for online tutors. This award will showcase the best blog posts, articles, videos, and other useful stuff that will help online tutors master their craft and improve their business.


The Best Resource Award for Online Tutors can be used by the winner to enhance their credibility and build more trust with their audience. So how will I choose the winners? Here are the three factors:

1. Quality of the resource

The first thing I will look for is the quality of the resource. What’s a high-quality resource? It is a resource that provides valuable and actionable tips and bits of info that will help online tutors solve their problems and really take their game to the next level.


The resource should also cover the topic extensively. When tutors read it, they should have a thorough understanding of what the issue is, how it can be solved, and what they will gain by solving it using the resource.


The resource should also provide solutions that actually work. Show to us how that solution worked for you or others. Back it up with evidence and convince us that this thing really works.

2. Number of online tutors using the resource


What’s a good resource if nobody reads it? The number of online tutors using the resource says a lot about its value – if they think your resource is useful or not – and how you market the resource. The more online tutors use your resource, the higher chances you have of snagging the award.

3. Frequency – how often tutors use the resource


Lastly, I also want resources that get used frequently by online tutors because, again, this speaks of the quality and usefulness of the resource.


If your resource is actually helping people, they will use it often. If they see your resource as a credible and trustworthy solution provider, they will refer back to it again and again when they encounter related problems.


There you have it. If your resource is high quality and many online tutors frequently use it, then you might just bag this amazing award. Think your resource got what it takes? Then leave a link to your resource in the comment section.  I will check it out.  Who knows?  You may be the next winner of the Best of the Best Resource Award.

If you do win the award, then make sure to check out ways to leverage your award in this post titled 7 Easy Ways to Leverage the Best Resource Award for Online Tutors.



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