Foreign Language

Language a la carte
French (native), Spanish and Hindi (for beginners) online tuition

I have more than twenty years experience in the tutoring/teaching field and have recently started online tuition, on Zoom. I cater a wide range of public, from children to retired adults, but I had many secondary school children, whether struggling or who want to excel for their exams.
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Eastern and Western Armenian interactive lessons

Armenian 24/7, go natural Armenian (Eastern and Western Armenian interactive lessons and personalized courses)

Emerald Education Centre
Primary Maths and English Tuition

Elaine Lingard, the centre owner, is a qualified teacher with over 23 years of teaching experience, including senior management. She has a B.Ed. Hons degree from Reading University, as well as Diplomas in Educational Psychology, Autism Awareness, and Performance Coaching. Elaine had helped to run a successful centre in the UK for 4 years before opening her own centre in Donegal, Ireland in 2016.. She tutors both at the centre and online.

We offer a FREE assessment for all primary pupils. Our students work on an individualised learning programme.

We work by:
– reinforcing material covered in school
– providing a stimulating and interesting learning environment for children, both online and at the centre
– using IT to engage students
– setting achievable goals and giving weekly feedback to parents
– setting homework to reinforce the learning from our tuition sessions.
We believe that every child should reach their full potential. Each student has a tailor-made programme to meet their specific needs, whether they are struggling in class, have special needs or are gifted in Maths or English and need further enrichment.

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Learn More Tutoring

I have over 25 years of experience in tutoring and teaching at the high school and college level. I tutor online and in person.

Martine’s French Tutoring Inc.
I tutor French for both children and adults at all skill levels!

Want to learn French or improve in your school grades? I have over 10 years of experience tutoring French. I can do either online or in person (in person only in London, Ontario, Canada). Improve in your grammar, spelling, reading, writing, and oral conversation! Contact me for a FLEXIBLE schedule and a custom-made curriculum based on YOUR NEEDS!

I usually charge $35 per hour (Canadian dollars) but this price is negotiable depending on your family circumstance.

Prep in York
Expert English tuition from a qualified and experienced teacher and exam marker.

Building on over a decade of experience teaching in top private schools and marking GCSE and A level exams, I began tutoring in 2012. I’m proud to teach students all over the world, including for international qualifications and tests such as the ACT. I specialise in building confidence and helping students set and then meet their goals.
Southwest Houston, TX
Our tutoring services will assist students in Grades K-5 with –
Gaining Self-Confidence & Grade Improvements
Improving Test Scores
Developing Effective Reading Comprehension Skills
Improving Language Arts & Essay Writing Skills
Understanding Mathematics Analysis
*Assist Adult ESL Learners with Basic Conversation and Writing Sentences Structure

1 on 1 Tutoring Concentration:

Pkg. 1 – $40/hr.
2x per week
[3hours per session]

Pkg. 2 – $45/hr.
3x per week
[2 hours per session]

Pkg. 3 – $50/hr.
4x per week
[2 hours per session]

Tutor Supply Ltd
Tutor Supply is a global tutor pool consisting of highly professional staff with many years of specialised experience in a range of faculties.

Having carefully selected the best tutors from prestigious educational backgrounds and expert knowledge in all fields of education, Tutor Supply can only guarantee the best outcome in tuition. We provide professional tuition, academic guidance and bespoke consultancy at all levels. Our academic tutors are well accustomed with all examination boards and have expert knowledge in all areas of the British curriculum.