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Because we know your child is one of your most precious possessions, A+Tutoring Online develops your child’s learning profile and create an individual learning program that will enable your child to develop confidence and to be the best that they can be! Free Reading Diagnostic and Consultation.

With over 36 years in the education filed, I understand that the classroom is often the first place where confidence is learned or unlearned. With this in mind, I meet with both the parent and the child to understand what some of the issues that the parent and child are facing. Using the diagnostic assessment, I create a personalized and individualize program that fits your child’s individual needs whether it is remediation, acceleration, or enrichment.
The Online Reading Expert
Working together to help your child excel

As a certified Special Educator I have seen children struggle in many areas. Alongside my teaching I have received extensive training in the area of reading. It is this that I have decided to support more children on line in a one to one setting.

My name is Ann Mitchell and I have been a certified teacher for 10 yrs and a tutor since 2013. I look forward in working with your family to help your child excel.

The Online Reading Expert
The Online Reading Tutor
Joanne Kaminski has been teaching kids to read online since 2010. She is able to close the gap a full year with just 8-12 hours of instruction.

Joanne Kaminski has been tutoring kids all over the world using Skype and Zoom since 2010. She is able to close the gap a full year with 8-12 hours of instruction. She is a best-selling author on Amazon and has written 8 books. One of her best-seller books How to Become a Better Reader has helped hundreds of homeschooling parents help their struggling reader. As a child, Joanne struggled with reading as well. She was placed in the lowest reading groups and wasn’t able to take part in a foreign language class in Middle School. Then one day, everything began to click. Today Joanne makes this happen for kids all over the world and she is helping them become life-long readers and learners. Joanne’s students get better test scores on their MAPS testing, state testing, and their guided reading level benchmarks.

The Online Reading Tutor
Emerald Education Centre
Primary Maths and English Tuition

Elaine Lingard, the centre owner, is a qualified teacher with over 23 years of teaching experience, including senior management. She has a B.Ed. Hons degree from Reading University, as well as Diplomas in Educational Psychology, Autism Awareness, and Performance Coaching. Elaine had helped to run a successful centre in the UK for 4 years before opening her own centre in Donegal, Ireland in 2016.. She tutors both at the centre and online.

We offer a FREE assessment for all primary pupils. Our students work on an individualised learning programme.

We work by:
– reinforcing material covered in school
– providing a stimulating and interesting learning environment for children, both online and at the centre
– using IT to engage students
– setting achievable goals and giving weekly feedback to parents
– setting homework to reinforce the learning from our tuition sessions.
We believe that every child should reach their full potential. Each student has a tailor-made programme to meet their specific needs, whether they are struggling in class, have special needs or are gifted in Maths or English and need further enrichment.

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