The Skyping Science Tutor
NYS certified teacher, Robin DeMarco, provides 1-1 online tutoring for high school science courses.

NYS certified teacher, Robin DeMarco, provides 1-1 online tutoring for physics, earth science, chemistry & biology. She has 19 years classroom experience and 9 years as a private tutor.
A Level Chemistry and GCSE Maths Tutor
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Private A Level Chemistry and GCSE Maths Tutor. Online and In person tuition available.

Stuggling with homework, tests or understanding your teacher. Not sure you’ll achieve your grades. If you are struggling with any area of A Level Chemistry or GCSE Maths I can help. Please see my website for further information and testimonials.
Chemistry and Maths Tuition
Professional A level chemistry tuition. Also GCSE maths tuition. All major exam boards covered.

I am a former Atomic Energy Authority nuclear waste research manager. Have a masters degree in chemistry. Am a published scientist in the Journal of radiochemistry. Also a fully qualified teacher and chemistry examiner. I like to help students understand the difficult topics in chemistry and maths and reach their full potential. I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Morgan BSc MSc PGCE
College Prep e-Tutor

Hi, my name is Justin and I have an absolute passion for tutoring and helping students achieve their goals. I offer personal tutoring/academic advising services both in-person and online for K-12 and college students. 
I aim to provide exceptional tutoring and mentoring that is easily accessible and affordable.

Dr. C. Boes Private Chemistry Tutor
Chemistry tuition for A-level and University

I began tutoring during my chemistry study, which I finished with a Master’s of Science in Chemistry (first class degree) and a PhD in Biochemistry (first class degree). I have successfully tutored over 70 A-level students in twelve years and have helped graduate and undergraduate students at university. One of my pupils was a medicine student, who said after my lesson: “I did not know chemistry is so easy“. I am familiar with the special requirements of the GAMSAT exam and have expert knowledge in biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, protein chemistry, chemical analytic and genetic engineering after working for 18 years in scientific research. I have been with a well known tutor agency for several years and I am fully CRB checked.

Whenever I get a new client I begin with a thorough assessment: What kind of person is he or she, what basic knowledge is present and what are the main problem areas? Then a tutoring plan is suggested to reach the goal in a reasonable time frame.

My tutoring lessons are individually tailored to the needs of the student and designed to provide as much fun as possible. I incorporate examples of daily life and draw comparisons with situations from sports and hobbies. In my last assignment, we even did some small chemistry experiments (no worries parents – only harmless ones – the kitchen did not blow up!).

Besides improving their learning strategies, I ensure my students are well prepared for exams by practicing past papers and using official mark schemes. However my emphasis lies on building up a solid foundation of knowledge and the skills of applying it.

I give my best to make the teaching interesting and enjoyable, which motivates him or her to learn and to archive their full potential. I understand that at the beginning there might be resentment towards the subject. However there has to be a basic willingness to learn. If I do not feel the openness at least to try, I reserve myself the right to decline the assignment.

Nevertheless I have a lot of patience and enthusiasm, which let me usually get along very well with my students. I hope at the end of my tuition I can quote you saying “I did not know chemistry is so easy“.

My home is in Kelmarsh, between Market Harborough and Northampton. As one of your friendly local chemistry tutors, I serve the Leicester- and Northamptonshire area, including Rugby, Daventry, Kettering, Northampton and Leicester within 30 min driving distance but also offer online tuition.

Fees for a 60 min online session at your home depend on the level required:
A-level: £33 university: £38

Chemistry Tutor
Revision Notes
Dr. Clare Turner
I am a highly qualified private tutor, experienced in tutoring students at a wide range of levels in both maths and physics. I also create educational resources, design online courses, and am always looking for ways to improve the learning experience for people of all ages.

I am a fully qualified teacher in the UK but I also tutor internationally, thanks to modern technology. I began teaching in 2005 and began tutoring in 2007 during my PhD in aerospace engineering. Once I had completed my PhD in 2011 I decided to tutor full time, and have been running a successful tutoring business since. My approach varies considerably depending upon the student and I pride myself on my ability to adapt. I am always friendly, patient and understanding. This is vital for maths and sciences, as they often cause distress to students at school and to adult learners, alike.

As part of my business I create online educational resources, some of which are available on, and am involved in course design. I designed and created the A-level physics course for the Wolsey Hall Oxford distance learning college and I’m currently working on an A-level physics course for an online college working with international schools. I have a thorough knowledge of many different examination boards, including Edexcel and Cambridge, for GCSE, IGCSE, A-level, and IAL.
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En Route Learning
Online tutor for Physics (15 yr old to 17 yr old), Mathematics (10 yr old to 17 yr old) and General Science (10 yr old to 14 yr olds).
using holistic methods.

15 years of experience tutoring and teaching. With a teacher credential and Masters in Counselling. I am passionate in helping students improve their grades and feel confidence in learning.
Maths and Chemistry Tuition
A level Chemistry and GCSE Maths Tuition

Struggling with homework, tests, exams? Feeling you might not get your required or potential grades? Falling behind in class? Not understanding certain topics? Then please contact me. I can help your knowledge, understanding and exam preparation for chemistry to A level and mathematics to GCSE.

Paul Morgan BSc MSc PGCE
Maths and Physics Tutor

Dear Parent / Student,
My name is Michael.
I offer top quality personal tuition in Maths and / or Physics.
Friendly, patient and reliable – tyo meet the needs of the individual student, young or old.
I am a fully qualified, very experienced teacher and tutor.

Science for Online Students
Tutoring for Chemistry, other sciences, and some math and other subjects.

Dr. B. tutors Chemistry, other sciences, and some math and other subjects. He has over 30 years combined experience in industry and academia. He has taught multiple types and levels of General Chemistry (including several for Nurses and other Health Sciences), Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Environmental Chemistry.
Now the focus is on online tutoring, though in-person tutoring is available at higher cost.
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