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The Tutor’s Table
Owned and operated by Tami Ordoñez, former Waldorf Teacher turned online tutor. I work with middle and high school students on preparing for big exams (SAT, PSAT, AP History and Geography) holistically.

I started The Tutor’s Table because I saw too many kids stressing out over school work and testing. Students are spending long hours “studying” or doing homework with little progress or reward for their efforts. They don’t get enough sleep, they begin eating poorly, they struggle with organization and productivity, and pretty soon their grades start to drop. They work harder, but now they’re losing ground because sleep deprivation and lack of good nutrition have set in.

As an online academic coach, I work with students to develop more efficient and effective study habits. Study habits that will still allow them to eat healthy meals and get enough sleep. I show them how to prepare for big exams and AP courses in a way that doesn’t jeopardize their health.

Online courses available in
• SAT and PSAT test prep
• Middle school math for homeschoolers

Online Academic Coaching and Private Tuition available in
• SAT and PSAT test prep
• AP Human Geography
• AP European History
• AP World History
• Middle school maths
• Pre-Algebra
• Algebra 1 & 2
• Geometry
• Trigonometry

I Sharp Academy
India based IIT JEE, NEET

We have coached jee, NEET aspirants since 2012. Our results are colorful and are adding feathers to our cap. Mist of them are now doing MBBs, BDS, Engineering at leading National colleges.
Our team undertakes Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology coaching. We offer one to one, group ,online coaching.


Dear Parent / Student,
My name is Michael.
I offer top quality online tuition in Maths and / or Physics to GCSE, IGCSE and to A-Level, for all the major exam boards in the UK.
Help with English Language is also available.
Friendly, patient and reliable – to meet the needs of the individual student, young or old.
I am a fully qualified teacher and tutor, with 25+ years experience of teaching across the full ability range,
along with experience as an examiner and managing a large Physics department.

0044 7922967395
0044 7922967395