The Nomadic Tutor
Experienced live online video tutor specializing in up to high school math & science of any kind.

The Nomadic tutor understands that the traditional classroom setting is not always the best place to learn, especially for students who tend to need more help academically. Most often, the education system fails to take students’ individual learning needs into consideration. The long, drawn out & boring framework of classrooms makes it hard for some students to thrive- which often times is not a reflection of true, individual intelligence. Everyone learns differently and everyone has their strengths. I’m presenting my service to all types of students, with promise of easygoing, personalized sessions at a comfortable pace. I’ll take the time to construct plans based on your goals and work with you to achieve them. Any concepts you find tricky- I will break them down clearly, one step at a time to ensure maximal comprehension with no headache. Stick with me and in time you’ll have new found confidence in the subject matter, and test scores that reflect your true abilities!

– The Nomadic Tutor