Academic Writing Success
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I’m an online academic writing tutor who helps students master the writing, academic, and research skills they need to succeed in college or graduate school.

I offer one-on-one online academic writing tutoring services. I focus on helping students achieve their college writing and academic goals by meeting weekly for 1-hour sessions, and in weekly office hours.

During one-on-one tutoring time, we work on vocabulary, reading, writing, and other English skills to help you do well in college. I guide you through the entire writing process from brainstorming to finishing a writing assignment.

In office hours, you can ask me any questions you have about academic writing, writing in English, and learning English. All my students can join me during office hours. Always feel free to email me during the week with questions.

Please check out my website to learn more about online academic writing tutoring: www.academicwritingsuccess.com and see my free guide “The Roadmap to Revising Academic Writing and Handing in a Great Final Paper.”

Emerald Education Centre
Primary Maths and English Tuition

Elaine Lingard, the centre owner, is a qualified teacher with over 23 years of teaching experience, including senior management. She has a B.Ed. Hons degree from Reading University, as well as Diplomas in Educational Psychology, Autism Awareness, and Performance Coaching. Elaine had helped to run a successful centre in the UK for 4 years before opening her own centre in Donegal, Ireland in 2016.. She tutors both at the centre and online.

We offer a FREE assessment for all primary pupils. Our students work on an individualised learning programme.

We work by:
– reinforcing material covered in school
– providing a stimulating and interesting learning environment for children, both online and at the centre
– using IT to engage students
– setting achievable goals and giving weekly feedback to parents
– setting homework to reinforce the learning from our tuition sessions.
We believe that every child should reach their full potential. Each student has a tailor-made programme to meet their specific needs, whether they are struggling in class, have special needs or are gifted in Maths or English and need further enrichment.

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Tutoring Central
A private tutoring service that provides coaching for students of all ages.

Tutoring Central has been providing educational assistance to students since 1996.
One primary goal is to help students write more effectively. Writing well consists of knowing the rules and conventions, but also knowing the structure and flow required which varies for different kinds of writing.
Students gain in every academic area when they are able to express themselves in written form. Building confidence is essential for students to excel when learning, so this is a big goal at Tutoring Central.

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