SWOT for Online Tutoring Business Success

swot Part 1 of 3: Making Obstacles Work for You Starting a business can feel a lot like preparing for a vacation. Sometimes this takes the form of a checklist. Other times it's a frantic search [...]

Conquering Fears and Anxieties Associated with Starting an Online Tutoring Business

Lots of people today look at the business that I have created and are astonished and amazed that I was really able to do it. Heck, I even look at what I have created and am completely astonished with what I [...]

Free Strategy Sessions for Online Tutors

When I first got started with tutoring online 5 years ago, there were not a lot of people doing what I was doing. In fact, I felt like an island trying to figure everything out. It was during those [...]

What my Dad’s Job as a Welder Taught Me

As a child, my dad changed jobs often. He was never satisfied and came home miserable every night. I saw work as a terrible thing to have to do in life, but I understood that it had to be done. We didn't [...]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make when they Become an Online Tutor

When teachers become online tutors, we tend to run our business like we ran our classroom.  However, teaching online and owning our own business requires a different mindset and some different skills that we [...]

If I Were to Have an Interview with Jim Rohn…..

One of my favorite motivational speakers will always be Jim Rohn.  He spoke with such clarity and was concise and to the point.  So today's post is actually a fictional interview of what Jim Rohn would have [...]

Gratitude List for Thanksgiving Day

For a long time in my life I experienced some great sadness in my life.  I had fallen into some pretty bad habits, and overall I was not very happy. Then I heard about the gratitude list.  At first when I [...]

What if the Secret to Success was Failure?

Nobody wants to be seen as a failure?  You don't wake up one day and say, "Hmmm...I sure hope I fail a lot today."  But what if this was the only way to become a success.  There is no such thing as success [...]

How Do you Want to Spend the Rest of Your Days in your Career?

Wow, so I saw this video on how our lives are spent, and I wanted to share it with you.   This video makes me think about how I want to spend the rest of my days? This is the exact question that [...]

The #1 Reason Online Tutors Quit Teaching Online

Over the past few weeks I sent a message to people that are subscribed to my e-mail list and asked why many teachers who want to become an online tutor fail. Here is a snippet from that e-mail. The [...]