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So, you may be wondering a little bit about the person responsible for the content on this blog. Well, my name is Joanne Kaminski and I have been an online reading tutor since August of 2010. I have been nicknamed as The Skyping Reading Tutor. Before that I was a classroom teacher, SFA Trainer and SFA Train the Trainer, and a Reading Specialist. As my roles in the school system changed, the thing that I cared about the most started to become replaced by responsibilities that were not in alignment with my heart. I started teaching kids less and helping administration more. This broke my heart and eventually I became sick because of all the stress. I left the school system to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

There was something in my heart that said I was going to become an online tutor and run my own business. I didn’t see how these things meshed so I started running my own online businesses. I never succeeded at any of them, until I began putting tutoring and owning my own business together. I am so grateful for all of those other opportunities that I had because they gave me the knowledge that I needed to really start my own successful online tutoring company.

Now I have developed my Magnum Opus program that teaches other teachers how to become an online tutor in their field and how to run it easily and efficiently without all of the blood sweat and toil that I needed to go through. I teach teachers how to get clients immediately so they can see if tutoring online is something they really want to do.

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