Secrets of a Top Paid Online Tutor in India: Sandhya Bajaj

Three years ago I received an e-mail from a woman in India who was ready to give up as an online tutor.

She was frustrated.

Wanted to quit.

But irregardless of that, she reached out to me and asked me why she wasn’t successful.

I probed further to find out what she had tried and found out that she was expecting another company to advertise her services for her.

Rarely has that ever worked for anyone.

There are so many tutors putting their names in these different forums, that it makes it extremely hard to get noticed.

Today, after taking some of my advice, Sandhya Bajaj is now one of the top paid online math tutors in India.

She gets to work with students in the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Switzerland, and India.

Today she has balance in her life as a mother, wife, daughter, and online math tutor.

Sandhya Bajaj, Top Paid Online Tutor in India

Sandhya Bajaj, Top Paid Online Tutor in India

I love that when Sandhya recalls her early days of reaching out to me that she says I brainwashed her into thinking like a successful online tutor.

Sometimes, our brains really do need to be washed.  Right?

We get stuck in only looking at reality instead of dreaming of what could be our reality.

However, it is in the dreaming that we can begin to figure out what we really want and come up with a way to make it happen.

Sandhya shared in her interview that she visualized being interviewed one day.

Three years later, here she is being interviewed.

I have a feeling that many more people are going to interview her as well.

Admitting Gaps

Sandhya believes that it is so important to admit where your gaps are so that you can get the instruction you need to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Sandhya is an amazing example of this.

She was the 3rd person to sign up for the Tutorpreneur Program.

She was the first one to sign up for the Book Your Online Tutoring Business Solid Program.

This past summer when I opened up the Reading Interventionist Program, she signed up for that as well.

Sandhya practices what she preaches.

She really does find the gaps that she has, learns what she needs, and puts her knowledge into action.


No longer is Sandhya plagued with hope marketing.

She doesn’t try one thing and hope it will get her students.

Instead she tries many things, creates an effective sales funnel, and watches the students flood her inbox with requests.

I have met so many people that are scared to create a website and place information out on the web for this fear of the flood of students.

Unfortunately, the students just kind of trickle in with lots of action.

So people taking little action, get little results.

People taking lots of right actions, get big results.

This is the whole point of the NEW UDEMY course I created called Hidden Secrets of Top Paid Online Tutors Around the World.  

We have to take the right actions to get our clients.

People Getting Started

Sandhya gave some amazing advice for people that are just getting started with their online tutoring business.

She said,

  1.  Focus on who you want to reach.
  2.  It will take time, don’t expect instant results
  3.  If there is a gap in your knowledge, get the education you need.
  4.  Be consistent.
  5.  Be persistent.
  6.  Think about your marketing everyday and take action
    1. Keep a marketing log to hold yourself accountable.
    2. Contact existing clients
    3. Talk about your services when you drop your kids off at school.
    4. Post something on Facebook
  7. Don’t put all of your eggs into one tiny marketing action.
  8. Keep a positive mindset

Sandhya continues to be an inspiration to many other online tutors out there.

She is a valuable member of the Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors, which is a free group for anyone looking to grow their online tutoring business.

To learn more information about Sandhya you can visit her website or listen the interview below.

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Did you get value from this interview?

What is one takeaway that you can keep in your back pocket as you get your business up and going?

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